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18 Aug 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Within the European region France ranks as the second largest economy and the fifth largest economy worldwide. In relative terms France wasn’t as affected by the global economic crisis as other developed European countries, recording a GDP growth of XX.XX% in 2010 as compared to –XX.XX% in 2009. The country’s centralized and conservative economic practice aside, one of the main factors preventing contraction during the troubled financial times was the EURXX.XX billion stimulus package announced by the government in 2008, which primarily focused on investments. In addition, the government announced EURXX.XX billion worth of tax breaks and credits for investments made in 2009.

The report “The Future of Construction in France to 2015: Infrastructure Investments and UEFA Euro 2016 to Drive Construction” by iCD Research provides a top-level overview and detailed market, category and company-specific insights into the operating environment for construction contractors. It is an essential tool for companies active across the French construction value chain and for new competitors considering entering the industry.

With many tax amendment proposed in the country’s 2011 budget, aimed at reducing public deficit from XX.XX% in 2010 to XX.XX% in 2011, economic conditions in France are anticipated to improve. The French government removed many tax breaks proving costly for the nation. However, the tax breaks considered vital in creating new jobs and increasing employment remained untouched. For example, tax credit for research will remain in place, as research plays a key role in innovation which is a source for new employment and therefore economic growth going forward. As a result, the construction of French research facilities will continue to grow and observe high levels of activity. Furthermore, tax breaks for individuals to enable reductions in wealth tax through investment in the capital of small and medium sized enterprises will also remain intact. Tax break measures to promote new and innovative companies will serve as a significant growth engine to the economy and the construction industry as a whole.

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The Future of Construction in France to 2015: Infrastructure Investments and UEFA Euro 2016 to Drive Construction

Published: August, 2011
Pages: 154
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Report Sample Abstract

Industry Dynamics

Within the French construction industry, infrastructure construction was the largest market in 2010 with a share of XX.XX%. In terms of growth, the infrastructure construction market registered the highest review period CAGR of XX.XX% and is expected to record a CAGR of XX.XX% over the forecast period. Industrial construction observed the second fastest growth rates during the review period, growing at a CAGR of XX.XX%.

Historic Industry Value Review

The French construction industry valued EURXX.XX billion in 2010, representing a decrease of XX.XX% over 2009. During the review period, the industry achieved a CAGR of XX.XX%.

Historic Industry Segmentation Review

The largest market in the French construction industry in 2010 was residential construction, valuing EURXX.XX billion, equal to XX.XX% of the total construction industry. The second largest market was infrastructure construction, valuing EURXX.XX billion, followed by commercial construction, valuing EURXX.XX billion. Industrial construction was the fastest growing market in the French construction industry during the review period, with a CAGR of XX.XX%, followed by commercial construction with a CAGR of XX.XX%, and infrastructure construction with a CAGR of XX.XX%.

Industry Value Forecast

ICD expects the French construction industry to value EURXX.XX billion in 2015, as compared to US$XX.XX billion in 2010. The industry is forecast to achieve a CAGR of XX.XX% over the forecast period.

Industry Segmentation Forecast

Residential construction is forecast to be the largest market in the industry in 2015 with a market value of EURXX.XX billion and a market share of XX.XX%, an increase of XX.XX percentage points over 2010. The second largest market is forecast to be infrastructure construction with a market share of XX.XX%.

More information can be found in the report “The Future of Construction in France to 2015: Infrastructure Investments and UEFA Euro 2016 to Drive Construction” by iCD Research.

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