“The Hydropower Market 2011-2021” Recently Published by MarketPublishers.com

01 Aug 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“The Hydropower Market 2011-2021” Recently Published by MarketPublishers.com

LONDON – Today, the world is witnessing two controversial moves pertaining to the energy sector: the increase in global energy supply from the one side and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in a bid to tackle global warming from the other side. This situation is favourable for hydropower, being a low-carbon and powerful energy source. According to the estimates, the world hydropower market is likely to carry a value of $56.51 billion in 2011.

Due to unavoidable shift towards renewable energy from now, hydropower has a great potential of playing a much bigger role in the future of global energy supply.

New market research report “The Hydropower Market 2011-2021” developed by Visiongain provides a true and unbiased insight into the global hydropower sector over the following ten years along with granular forecasts and analysis for seven regional markets. The research presents a detailed SWOT analysis, evaluation of market driving forces and restraints, review of the major market technologies. Furthermore, the study offers profiles of 50 leading companies operating in the hydropower market from pole to pole as well as thoroughly examines opportunities and challenges faced by these companies.

Information on recent contracts awarded in more than 50 national hydropower markets all over the world along with transcripts of in-depth interviews with two industry experts is also included.

Report Details:

Title: The Hydropower Market 2011-2021

Published: July, 2011

Pages: 150

Price: US$ 2,461.00

Report Contents:

1.1 The Hydropower Market Overview
1.2 Drivers and Restraints in the Hydropower Market
  1.2.1 Drivers in the Hydropower Market
  1.2.2 Restraints in the Hydropower Market
1.3 Highlights of the Report
1.4 Benefits of the Report
1.5 Methodology
1.6 The Global Hydropower Market Forecast 2011-2021
1.7 Regional Hydropower Markets Forecast 2011-2021

2.1 Background to Hydropower
2.2 Different Types of Hydropower Generation
  2.2.1 Impounding Dam Hydropower
  2.2.2 Run-of-the-River Hydropower
  2.2.3 Pumped-Storage Hydropower
2.3 Hydropower in the Global Energy Mix
2.4 The Growth of Renewable Energy
2.5 Large Hydropower Generation
2.6 Small, Micro and Pico Hydropower Generation


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