“Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

18 Jul 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

LONDON – The charging issues and equipment employed with electric land, water and air vehicles are considered, both hybrid and pure electric, and the solutions now and in future. The recent opinions of many interested parties are quoted. The impact of alternatives is considered such as gas turbine and fuel cell charging of on-road vehicle batteries, with no roadside charging, and the declining percentage of hybrids that do not plug in.

The surprisingly large number of companies providing or about to provide solar powered roadside charging and inductive contactless charging, both resonant and conventional, is appraised. The very different standards situations are examined for North America, Europe and East Asia, for both charging stations and their interfaces, and the battle for the global standards.

New market research report Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructureprepared by IDTechEx  covers the full picture of how electric vehicles by land, water and air will be externally charged. In this new report with its comprehensive scope slow, fast and fastest charging stations are discussed, including contactless charging and battery swapping with a blunt appraisal of the pros and cons. Each option is illustrated by many supplier profiles.

Report Details:

Title: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Published: July, 2011

Pages: 213

Price: US$ 3,995

Report Contents:


2.1. Electric vehicle business by value
2.2. The car manufacturers' dilemma
  2.2.1. Charging off-road land vehicles is usually easy
  2.2.2. On road vehicles are troublesome
  2.2.3. Many organisations interested
2.3. Potential setbacks and uncertainty
2.4. Some certainties
2.5. How many charging points are needed?
2.6. Will there be enough charging points?
  2.6.1. Flexibility
  2.6.2. Part of a coordinated effort
2.7. Can the grid cope?

3.1. Global standards setting in this field
  3.1.1. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  3.1.2. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  3.1.3. International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)
  3.1.4. Japan
  3.1.5. Level 1,2,3
3.2. China
3.3. Europe
3.4. Technical differences between countries
3.5. International strategies
  3.5.1. Japan
  3.5.2. Korea
  3.5.3. North America

4.1. Fastest form of recharging
4.2. Battery swapping trials - China, Denmark, Israel, Japan, South Korea

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