Industrial Gases Market in Egypt

12 Jul 2011 • by Natalie Aster

According to Egypt's Industrial Development Authority 2010 figures Egypt's industrial gases  has been the fastest growing sector of chemicals industry, there are 56 factories at investment cost of LE 20b and directly employs about 12100 people producing industrial gases  valued at USD 2.43 Billion!

The technology for gas production is well established so that competition is determined by engineering factors (operating scales and technology) and for other markets, increasingly the capacity to provide appropriate support services. Three categories of gases manufactured or sold; Industrial gases Medical gases specialized gas mixtures.

Air Liquide Egypt is the market leader. At the beginning of year 2002, Air Liquide finalized its purchase of all Messer’s operations in Egypt and today has 5 factories at capacity of 700 tons /day of liquid oxygen and nitrogen.and an Air Separation Unit near Cairo with a production capacity of 140 tones per day and an additional Argon production facility with a capacity of 12 tones per day.

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Industrial Gases Market in Egypt

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Local RIV group of companies is the second largest manufacturer ; Egyptian Company for Industrial Gases "EIAG" has two gas separation plants in Cairo, produce and fill Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon in gas/liquid phases into tanks and cylinders, International Company for Liquid Air has one Hydrogen production plant, two Acetylene production plants, one Nitrous Oxide production plant and Universal Company for Industrial Gases "UNIGAS" has two gas separation plants, produces liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon in gas/liquid phases. Overall capacity or the group is 500 tons of nitrogen and oxygen per day and 7tons per day of Aragon in liquid and gas phases.

Oxygen and Nitrogen control over 50% of all gas segments sales value and 70% of all total volume market. Local production covers 90% of Oxygen and Nitrogen local demand,

Competition from imports is insignificant and prices are determined by other local manufacturers. The cost of international freight is far greater than internal freight between producers and markets.

About one-half of the market for industrial gases is for the cutting and heat welding of metals the food processing market is the fastest-growing sector, using nitrogen, carbon dioxide and Hydrogen.

In the retail sector, as gases are expensive to transport relative to their value, competition is most significant near markets. To differentiate indistinguishable products, the companies provide services which though often unprofitable are necessary to attract and retain customers

Growth in the industry is expected to continue to be firm with industrial gases grow at about 9 per cent but with gases, for use with mineral processing, expected to continue to grow at about 12 per cent . The fastest growth will remain in nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases with growth of about 15 per cent reflecting changing lifestyles with consumer interest in frozen and ready prepared foods.

More information can be found in the report “Industrial Gases Market in Egypt” by Buhaisi Consulting International.

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