Pumps Market in Egypt

12 Jul 2011 • by Natalie Aster

According to our figures Total import value of all segments of water pumps rose in 2010 over 2009 by 7 % in 2010 reaching $ 100 m but much less than in 2008 when it reached $142 m. Government statistics put the imports figure at USD $78 m (*), much less than our estimates!, that is mostly due to under-value invoices  practiced with imports from far east countries but presumably will be stopped as new agreements made in 2010 with these countries to make it very difficult to pass under value invoices. Tariffs are 30% on low pressure and residential pumps are 30%, 10% on medium-high pressure pumps and 5% on special pumps.

Domestic production sales market value also grew in 2010 by 9% over 2009 and sold worth of  about $ USD $70m. Exports reached USD $20m in 2010 slightly higher than 2009 but also much less than in 2008 when exports reach 46m. New agreement with Sudan in the agriculture sector amounting to USD$ 60m over the next three years 2011-1013 should further increase demand of pumps.

It is safe to conclude that total centrifugal pumps output market sales value is about USD $170m in sales and market consumption is around is USD $150m in sales value for all pumps segments but also much less than 2008 when it reached roughly USD $250m.

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Pumps Market in Egypt

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Annual growth rate over the past five years average at 24% annually. Waste water treatments for the cultivation of Egyptian agriculture continue to be key driver of pumps industry growth. The Egyptian Pump Market is characterized to be important reflecting the seriousness of water resources issues in Egypt. Many projects and municipals contracts under way - both government and private - which will further increase water pumps demand.

There are 5 major types of water pumps sold or manufactured, including Low pressure, Medium pressure, High pressure and Submersible pumps and Sewage Pumps, Vertical and horizontal mounted sewage lifting pumps. Water pumps for irrigation excluding submersible pumps, which alone capture 10% pumps, control 25% of the market, sewage hold 25% and residential pumps has 20% market share. the remain share are equally divided among special pimps types with fire pumps 7%, chemicals  5% and vacuum  5% of the total and all pumps sales value market.

More information can be found in the report “Pumps Market in Egypt” by Buhaisi Consulting International.

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