The CHILDWISE Trends Report 2011

10 Jun 2011 • by Natalie Aster

This year, computer ownership continues to grow, especially laptops, whilst more than half are able to go online in their own room, accessing the Internet more frequently than ever before. Facebook and YouTube consolidate their position as favourite Internet destinations for children. Personal TV ownership falls further, and mobile phone ownership falters for the first time, with younger children now less likely to own.

The The CHILDWISE Trends Report 2011 gives media and purchasing behaviour for 5-16 year olds since 1997, using data drawn from the annual CHILDWISE MONITOR Report.

Key Measures:

  • More than six in ten 5-16s now own their own PC or laptop; three in ten have a desktop PC, and more than four in ten have a laptop, and already around one in ten claim to have their own iPad;
  • More than half of all 7-16 year olds can access the Internet in their own room, up from just a fifth in 2005;
  • 7-16 year olds using the Internet do so on average for around two hours a day, and access on more than five days a week;
  • Facebook and YouTube remain the top favourite websites across boys and girls, younger and older children;
  • Three in five 5-16s now have their own TV, down from a high of more than four in five in 2005. Just under one in ten watch TV on their computer, and half use BBC iPlayer to watch TV;
  • Children watch an average of 2.7 hours of TV a day, up from a low of 2.4 hours in 2006; two in five 5-16s are now able to access multi channel TV in their own room;
  • Seven in ten 5-16 year olds own a mobile phone, falling slightly year on year, with the biggest decrease seen amongst 5-10 year olds;
  • Spending remains static on the whole this year, after last year’s drop in the proportion of 5-16s ever buying for themselves from each of the categories used. The amount given as pocket money or ad-hoc handouts has also stabilised this year.

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The CHILDWISE Trends Report 2011

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