Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards ADAS System

09 May 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are moving way from being expensive options in high-end luxury vehicles and into the mass market. This move to mass market is being supported by a combination of factors like the inclusion of ADAS in new car assessment programmes, insurance industry testing, government legislation and promotion and technological development leading to price reductions.

SBD has responded to this trend by performing an end user survey to learn how consumers respond to owning cars with ADAS, their future purchasing intentions and how they view the different factors that are encouraging uptake of ADAS such as insurance discounts and inclusion in new car safety star ratings.

The “Survey of Consumer Attitudes Towards ADAS Systems” by SBD will enable you to:

  • Understand the personal experiences of consumers with their ADAS system;
  • Learn how to improve marketing and dealership activities for promoting ADAS systems;
  • Develop the right strategies based on actual consumer feedback;
  • Discover the impact of government legislation on consumers’ willingness to pay for ADAS systems.

Report Details:

Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards ADAS Systems

Published: March 2011 Price: US$ 2,970

Key questions the survey answers:

Personal experiences of using ADAS-equipped cars:

  • Which journeys are systems used for?
  • How often has the ADAS system prevented a crash?
  • Do users understand how to operate their systems?

Encouraging uptake of ADAS by the mass market:

  • How important are factors such as including ADAS in Euro NCAP and NHTSA new car star rating
  • programmes and insurance discounts for ADAS-equipped vehicles?
  • Do consumers support government plans to mandate ADAS in the future?
  • Will they support legislation if the cost of cars is increased?

Potential interest in having ADAS on future vehicles:

  • Will drivers specify ADAS in their next vehicle?
  • Do they prefer to buy single systems or bundled packages recommended by the vehicle manufacturer?
  • Is there any interest in adding systems to current car?

More information can be found in the “Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards ADAS Systems” by SBD.

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