Online Video Game App Stores

Date: September 1, 2010
Pages: 97
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Publisher: IDATE Consulting & Research
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Online Video Game App Stores
Issues surrounding electronic distribution and App stores

The App store phenomenon, which is radically altering the way digital content is sold and consumed, has already had a tremendous impact on the video game industry. This report examines the current status of app stores as they relate to the gaming sector, measures their impact on value chains, analyses the main medium-term issues for the industry and provides electronic sales estimates for all market segments.

Key Questions
  • How is the electronic market structured and what will be the major trends up to 2014?
  • App stores’ selection and sales figures for mobiles, consoles and computer apps
  • What are the keys to success for an app store?
  • Who will be the leaders in electronic distribution?
  • What impact is electronic distribution having on the different links of the value chain?
  • What is the development outlook for App stores on new digital home platforms: TV and touchscreen tablets?

The report ships with its database and a PowerPoint presentation


Forecasts 2010-2014
For following segmentation:
Hardware Market
  • Home Consoles
  • Handhelds
Software Market
  • Handhelds
  • Home consoles
  • PC - offline
  • Mobile
  • Internet (per device)

Areas covered

Geographical scope:
  • EMEA
  • Asia Pacific
  • North America
  • Latin America

1.1. The inexorable shift to electronic
1.2. Electronic distribution roadmap
1.3. A highly competitive industry structure
1.4. Keys to success for an app store
1.5. Issues for video game industry players


2.1. 2010: the app store odyssey
2.2. Definitions and scope of the report


3.1. Panorama of the market and trends
  3.1.1. The personal computer: pioneer in electronic distribution
  3.1.2. Arrival of console-makers’ app stores: multimedia platforms
  3.1.3. Apple’s App Store, or the mobile revolution
  3.1.4. Birth of app stores on connected televisions
  3.1.5. Tablets: creating new outlets for gaming?
  3.1.6. Early lesson: electronic distribution creates opportunities for developers
3.2. App stores on mobile: selection is crucial
  3.2.1. Types of mobile game
  3.2.2. The Apple App Store: increasingly streamlined segmentation
  3.2.3. Google’s Android Market: the quest for market share
  3.2.4. BlackBerry App World: shifting the focus to consumers?
3.3. App stores on other devices
  3.3.1. Console makers’ app stores: the search for recognition
  3.3.2. App stores on PC: a thriving population
  3.3.3. TV: waiting for app stores
3.4. Keys to success
  3.4.1. Creating a self-sufficient ecosystem
  3.4.2. Opening the catalogue up to outside content providers
  3.4.3. Limiting differences between devices
  3.4.4. A model with economic incentives
  3.4.5. Innovating with features and functionalities
  3.4.6. Forming exclusive partnerships for games
  3.4.7. Marketing an accessible developer’s kit


4.1. Wide variety of player positions
  4.1.1. Electronic distribution value chains and revenue sharing schemes
  4.1.2. Industry issues created by electronic distribution
  4.1.3. Player profiles: between risks and opportunities
4.2. A highly competitive industry structure
  4.2.1. The mobile war will take place
  4.2.2. Console makers on the way to a fully electronic catalogue
  4.2.3. Computer game market dominated by Steam
  4.2.4. Games on-demand (GoD): the future of app stores on connected TVs
4.3. Strategic analysis: impact of electronic distribution
  4.3.1. Digitization: driving a convergence of video game market segments
  4.3.2. State of digitization in each market segment
  4.3.3. How electronic distribution is affecting the different links in the value chain
  4.3.4. Industry players’ short-term positioning


5.1. The top 10 mobile app developers
5.2. Ten legendary games from the Apple App Store


6.1. Forecast hypotheses
6.2. Forecasts for 2010 to 2014
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Online Video Game App Stores
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