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For more than a decade, Mind Commerce has been providing market research, advisory and training services to a broad pool of customers, like manufacturers, carrier operators, developers, industry and governmental organisations, within the telecom domain (fixed line and mobile/wireless) and various ICT fields including Web-based infrastructure, apps, content, and commerce.

Mind Commerce’s circle of offerings comprises: stand-alone technology and market research (off the shelf and custom) and subscription services; followed up by proper consultation given when required. Besides, the firm offers instruction and training in varied areas including NG networks, wireless data technologies, and location technologies solutions.

The company excels from its rivals due to its expert grasp of technology, clear-cut idea of marketplaces, in tandem with the flexibility in catering the specific desires of its multiple clients through custom-built product development and service rendering. Mind Commerce’s qualitative and quantitative research helps in taking good decisions, thus enabling clients to raise money, carry out optimal investments, as well as identify prevalent trends and business lines.

Research Reports By Mind Commerce Publishing LLC

Found 513 publications
Internet of Things (IOT) Leaders: Oracle US$ 995.00 Apr, 2014 40 pages
Internet of Things (IOT) Leaders: Cisco US$ 995.00 Apr, 2014 36 pages
Internet of Things (IOT) Leaders: Intel US$ 995.00 Apr, 2014 27 pages
Augmented Reality in Telecom and ICT US$ 9,995.00 Mar, 2014
Big Data Leaders: Tableau Software US$ 495.00 Mar, 2014 24 pages
Big Data Leaders: Cloudera US$ 495.00 Mar, 2014 17 pages
Telecom Managed Services Market 2014-2019 US$ 1,995.00 Mar, 2014 91 pages
Big Data Leaders: 1010data US$ 495.00 Mar, 2014 15 pages
Big Data Leaders: Oracle US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 30 pages
Big Data Leaders: HP US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 14 pages
Big Data Leaders: Opera Solutions US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 6 pages
Big Data Leaders: Fujitsu US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 17 pages
LTE Strategy, Application Roadmap, and Future of 4G US$ 1,995.00 Feb, 2014 93 pages
Big Data Leaders: Mu Sigma US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 8 pages
Big Data Leaders: CSC US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 14 pages
Big Data Leaders: Informatica US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 18 pages
Big Data Leaders: Accenture US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 16 pages
Big Data Leaders: Tata Consultancy Services US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 19 pages
Big Data Leaders: IBM US$ 495.00 Feb, 2014 25 pages
Wireless Security Companies and Solutions 2014 US$ 1,995.00 Feb, 2014 52 pages
Mobile Commerce 2014 US$ 1,995.00 Jan, 2014 146 pages
Mobile Cloud Companies and Solutions 2013 US$ 995.00 Dec, 2013 45 pages
Cloud Application Marketplace 2013 - 2018 US$ 1,995.00 Dec, 2013 124 pages
Telecom Network Infrastructure Market 2013 - 2018 US$ 1,995.00 Dec, 2013 194 pages
Wearable Technology in Industry Verticals 2013-2018 US$ 2,995.00 Dec, 2013 170 pages
Big Data Impacts on Telecom Business US$ 495.00 Dec, 2013 14 pages
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