Timetric is an independent supplier of online data, research and consultancy on emerging market economies and the world’s leading industries. The sophisticated information services they offer cover risk appraisals, forecasting, industry and market intelligence, business insights and highly reliable and unbiased news and commentary.

The company’s core products, Industry Intelligence Centres, are top-notch web-based services affording access to interactive tools, all-inclusive research and expert analysis of key industries such as wealth, insurance, construction, banking, travel and tourism. Their much needed decision-making support is provided in a user-friendly format and built upon profound research. Among the main components of each Intelligence Centre are hundreds of high-class reports produced annually, which cover industries, countries and companies.

More 1,500 financial services and their business partners from pole to pole benefit from Timetric’s services when it comes to taking proper decisions and enhancing their competitive advantage.

Timetric, with offices in London, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, Hyderabad, Seoul and Sydney, has 500 employees comprising 150 economists and analysts and 200 qualified researchers.

Research Reports By Timetric

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Zimbabwe's Mining Fiscal Regime: H1 2015 US$ 995.00 Mar, 2015 16 pages
India’s Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2014 US$ 995.00 Mar, 2015 24 pages
Kazakhstan’s Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2014 US$ 995.00 Mar, 2015 18 pages
Employee Benefits in Romania US$ 1,950.00 Feb, 2015 67 pages
Employee Benefits in Indonesia US$ 1,950.00 Feb, 2015 51 pages
Employee Benefits in Sweden US$ 1,950.00 Feb, 2015 66 pages
Employee Benefits in Puerto Rico US$ 1,950.00 Feb, 2015 53 pages
Employee Benefits in Israel US$ 1,950.00 Feb, 2015 106 pages
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