Conlumino publishes a select range of analytical research covering a number of different sectors and issues. All of the published analysis provides an in-depth, expert understanding of markets, retailers, consumers and key issues. Moreover, it is always action focused so as well as helping understand what’s going on, it helps making better business decisions.

The publisher works with many of the world’s leading retailers, property firms and those in the financial sector to help maximise success through developing a thorough understanding of the sector and its likely future performance.

Research Reports By Conlumino

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Virtual Tour: Reliance Digital US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 70 pages
Virtual Tour: Parkson US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 504 pages
Virtual Tour: 7-ELEVEN Convenience Store US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 58 pages
Virtual Tour: Star Bazaar US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 160 pages
Virtual Tour: New World Department Store US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 194 pages
Virtual Tour: Century Mart US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 530 pages
Virtual Tour: Belle US$ 250.00 Aug, 2014 43 pages
Virtual Tour: Lawson Convenience Store US$ 250.00 Aug, 2014 69 pages
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