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World Cellular M2M market – Dataset & Report: Technologies & market forecasts up to 2023

September 2019 | | ID: W7DFB9D0690EN
IDATE Consulting & Research

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This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the cellular M2M market around the globe.

It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including an examination of major market trends, plus volume and value forecasts up to 2023 by five regions comprising 22 countries.

It also presents the quantitative evolution of cellular modules.

Forecasts up to 2023 by region and by country:

Revenues for connectivity segments

Installed base of M2M subscribers


Indicators by region
  • Data & Forecasts 2014-2023
  • Cellular M2M modules/SIMs by region and by country (million units)
  • Cellular M2M modules/SIMs by networking technology (million units)
  • Cellular M2M Communication & associated services market by region (million EUR)
  • Cellular M2M total revenues by origin (million EUR)
  • Mobile revenues (million EUR)
  • Mobile subscribers (thousand subscribers)
  • Share of M2M in total mobile revenues


2.1. Market value chain is very fragmented
2.2. Hardware/module market
2.3. Communication market
2.4. IT/platforms market


3.1. Drivers and barriers
3.2. M2M cellular market is still seeing rapid growth, overall in volume, but less so in value
3.3. M2M module base is growing very fast but also very heterogeneously…
3.4. … as with the connectivity market revenues
3.5. Geographical breakdown
3.6. How the technologies break down: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G


Executive Summary
  Cellular M2M connectivity market, by region (million EUR)
  M2M cellular module forecasts, China, USA, EU5 and BRICS (excl. China)
2. Market Structure
2.1. Market value chain is very fragmented
  A combination of value chains
2.2. Hardware/module market
  Comparison of main player positions regarding technology
  IoT modules as a core business of Sierra Wireless
  Verticals covered by Sierra Wireless
  IoT products & services by Sierra Wireless
  AirVantage ® IoT Platform, by Sierra Wireless
  Gemalto IoT offering
  Gemalto strategic shift since 1996
  Telit IoT offering
  Telit OneEdge strategy
  Vertical markets addressed by Telit
  1+2+1 strategy for IoT, by Huawei
  OceanConnect IoT Platform, by Huawei
  The Huawei E2E NB-IoT solution
2.3. Communication market
  Mapping of key technologies, by data rate and by range
  Requirements of massive IoT networks and time-critical networks in 5G specifications
  3GPP releases and 5G timeline
  T-Mobile end-to-end offering description (vehicle tracking solution)
  AT&T IoT-focused verticals and key partners
  AT&T data plans for connected consumer devices
  Building blocks of AT&T IoT Platform
  YoY growth in Verizon IoT network connections (2017 – 2016)
  Key Verizon acquisitions in IoT space
  Verizon ThingSpace Ready cost-effective IoT connectivity modules
  Orange IoT products
  Orange Smart Home strategy
  Orange Datavenue IoT platforms, a selection
  Orange Datavenue IoT platform
  Acquisition of Cobra to create Vodafone Automotive
  Global Data Service Platform as Vodafone value proposition
  Managed connectivity solutions by Vodafone
  Verticals covered by Telef?nica IoT business
  Description of intelligent networks segment by Deutsche Telekom
  T-Mobile IoT pricing schemes
  1NCE flat-rate pricing scheme
  Connectivity technologies by T-Mobile
  T-Mobile USA network coverage in the USA as of July 2019
  Telstra IoT/M2M solutions for vehicles and assets
  Telstra IoT/M2M products and services
  Telstra IoT/M2M applications
  Telstra NB-IoT network in Australia as of June 2019
  Telstra Cat M1 coverage in Australia as of June 2019
  Presentation of the Global IoT Solution ‘Globiot’ by DOCOMO
  NTT DOCOMO IoT offering
  IoT technologies by NTT DOCOMO
  DOCOMO and China Mobile partnership on eSIM
  KPN connectivity offering
2.4. IT/platforms market
  Data integration is key in world of enterprise
  T-Mobile strategy towards cloud and big data
  IoT platform types described in brief
  Timeline of the IoT-related strategic acquisitions by PTC
  IBM Watson IoT Platform key features
  Azure IoT offering structure
  IoT connectivity management platform by Cisco Jasper
  Platform operating principles
3. Cellular Market Sizing
  World M2M cellular market, 2018-2023
  World M2M cellular connectivity market, 2018-2023
  Cellular M2M modules/SIMs, by region
  Cellular M2M connectivity market, by region
  M2M cellular modules, CAGR 2018/2023, by country
  M2M cellular module forecasts, by China, USA, EU5 and BRICS (excl. China)
  Technology breakdown of the global M2M market

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