Next Generation Network Application Market Outlook and Business Drivers

Date: July 22, 2011
Pages: 117
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Next Generation Network Application Market Outlook and Business Drivers

Deciding where to invest in Next Generation Network (NGN) applications is difficult without key business case analysis. Planning NGN application deployment is difficult without insights into application value to customers, services blending opportunities, or strategies for services migration.

This report evaluates two key elements of NGN: Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework for service creation, delivery, and management. It also addresses the IMS and SDP ecosystem and value chain, applications, and provides a market forecast for 2011 through 2016. In addition, it provides an overall business case analysis for IMS and SDP as well as a per-application assessment for major IMS based applications. Finally, the report provides specific recommendations for network operators, infrastructure providers, and application providers.

The report provides analysis of application trends, an analysis of NGN OSS/BSS market and forecast, evaluation of multi-application operational challenges and solutions, and multi-application operational challenges and solutions.

  • NGN application vendors
  • NGN infrastructure providers
  • Service integrator companies
  • Incumbent and emerging network operators


2.1. SDP Forecasts
  2.1.1. Markets for SDP Solutions5
  2.1.2. Functional Break-up of SDP Solutions Revenue
  2.1.3. Mediawise Break-up of SDP Solutions Revenue
  2.1.4. Geographical Segmentation of SDP Solutions Revenues
  2.1.5. Markets for SOA Platforms15
2.2. IMS Forecasts
  2.2.1. Overall Metrics
  2.2.2. Video Telephony
  2.2.3. Unified Messaging
  2.2.4. Push to Talk (PTT)
  2.2.5. Wireless Wireline Convergence
  2.2.6. Online Gaming
  2.2.7. Video on Demand (VOD)
2.3. Outlook by Region
2.4. Outlook by Operator Type
2.5. Outlook by Application
2.6. New Business Opportunities


3.1. Overall Business Case Portfolio
  3.1.1. Application Monetization Categories
  3.1.2. Revenue Inputs to the Business Case
3.2. Application Trends
  3.2.1. The Initial Application: Voice
  3.2.2. The Multi-screen Offering Strategy
  3.2.3. High Bandwidth Evolution48
  3.2.4. Everything Goes to the Cloud
  3.2.5. Bearer Services Become Completely Commoditized
  3.2.6. Dependence on VAS Applications for Profits
  3.2.7. Application Migration Cross Platforms
  3.2.8. Completely New Applications
  3.2.9. The Adolescence of the NGN to Cause Turmoil
3.3. Application Analysis
  3.3.1. Presence
  3.3.2. Dynamic Address Book
  3.3.3. Personalized Communications and Information
  3.3.4. Universal Prepay
  3.3.5. Consumer and Business Voice Services
  3.3.6. Rich Calls
  3.3.7. Video Calls
  3.3.8. NGN Messaging
  3.3.9. Unified Communications
  3.3.10. Push-to-X
  3.3.11. Wireless-Wireline Convergence
  3.3.12. Entertainment
  3.3.13. Video on Demand
  3.3.14. Community of Interest Communications81
  3.3.15. Augmented Reality
  3.3.16. Universal Billing
  3.3.17. Social Networking
  3.3.18. Services Blending
  3.3.19. Advertising
3.4. The Multi-Application Operational Challenges and Solutions
  3.4.1. Operational Services Mediation: Longer-term View
  3.4.2. Operational Services Mediation: Intermediate-term View
  3.4.3. Operational Services Mediation: Short-term View
  3.4.4. Business Issue: Third Parties and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  3.4.5. Business Issue: Dealing with Virtual Network Operators (VNO)
3.5. NGN OSS/BSS Analysis and Market Forecast
  3.5.1. What is NGN OSS/BSS?
  3.5.2. Drivers for NGN OSS/BS
  3.5.3. Challenges for NGN OSS/BS
  3.5.4. NGN OSS Challenges
  3.5.5. NGN BSS Challenges
  3.5.6. NGN Solutions and Forecasts


4.1. Technical Overview of IMS and SDP
  4.1.1. SDP Architecture
  4.1.2. SDP and OSS/BSS107
  4.1.3. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  4.1.4. Technologies Supporting IMS IMS and SIP
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Next Generation Network Application Market Outlook and Business Drivers
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