Mobilizing Facebook: Analysis and Reference Guide for Mobile Social Networking

Date: January 22, 2010
Pages: 42
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Publisher: Mind Commerce Publishing LLC
Report type: Strategic Report
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Mobilizing Facebook: Analysis and Reference Guide for Mobile Social Networking
This report provides an overview and analysis for the process of mobilizing arguably the most popular social network: Facebook. This report will investigate the power added to Facebook when it's transferred to mobile world. This publication reviews features and services offered by way of mobilizing Facebook. Finally, the report evaluates the future of Facebook Mobile services.
Facebook Mobile - An Overview
Using Facebook Mobile
Mobile Text Messages
Short Message Service (SMS)
Multimedia Message Service (MMS)
Mobile Uploads
Mobile Web
New Facebook Mobile Design
Facebook Connect
Facebook Mobile and Mobile Operators
Facebook Side - Facebook and Mobile Platform for Operators
Mobile Operators Side - Mobile Operators need a Change
Introducing Basic Facebook Rules to Mobile Operators
Facebook Mobile Phones
INQ1 Specifications
Facebook Integration
Address Book Synchronization
Calendar Synchronization
Photos Synchronization
Social Networking Goal
USA-Only Phone
iPhone Web-Browsing Characteristics
Great Support from Facebook
Facebook Detection for iPhone
iPhone Facebook Application Features
Connect, Search, and Call People
Sync Address Book
Push Notifications
Other Mobiles
Motorola Cliq
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
Microsoft Windows Mobile
Facebook Mobile Application Development
Facebook Development Framework
Facebook Connect
FQL (Facebook Query Language)
Facebook Markup Language (FBML / XFBML)
Facebook JavaScript (FBJS)
Facebook Client Libraries
Facebook Mobile Business Models
Overview of Facebook Mobile Usage Growth
Advertising Business Model
Philosophy of Advertisement Information Analysis
Understand Visitors
Evaluate Traffic Sources
Improve Site Usage
Achieve Mobile Goals
Facebook - Mobile Operators Advertising Value-Added
Mobile Operator Side
The Other Powerful Side, Facebook
Facebook Mobile Device Detection - Another Advertising Factor
Facebook Virtual Credits / Micropayment Business Model
Affiliate Fees Business Model
Mobile Gaming Applications
Sample Mobile Game: mPlayIt Mobile Arcade
Sample Mobile Game: Playfish
Mobile Payment Business Model
Mobile Applications Business Model
Future of Mobile Facebook
Future is Facebook Mobile
Facebook Mobile and Location Based Services
Social Networking Mobiles with Full Facebook Integration
Facebook as E-Commerce Website
More work with Mobile Operators
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Mobilizing Facebook: Analysis and Reference Guide for Mobile Social Networking
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