Market Analysis and Benefit Realization Management (BRM) Solutions

Date: July 22, 2011
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Market Analysis and Benefit Realization Management (BRM) Solutions

Information Technology (IT) is a significant component of capital spending for most companies, representing typically 50 % to 75 % of total expenditures. Benefit Realization Management (BRM) is an approach used to identify, prioritize and optimize business benefits arising from IT projects, which cannot be done effectively through traditional financial techniques. It is also known as value management and is an excellent process for determining optimal investments in infrastructure, general IT, and support services.

This research is very valuable on its own and is also an excellent complement to other technology/market research as an aid in the technology investment decision process.


Anyone involved in IT, infrastructure, network equipment, software, application (etc.) investment decisions, business case development, etc.

IT (Information Technology) Investment Management: A Global Perspective
IT Investment Trend: A Global Perspective
IT Investment: A Regional Distribution
Technology Trends that will lead IT Investment over the Next Five Years:
IT Project Paradox: A Common Failure
Traditional IT Project Evaluation and Value Realization Limitation
Pros and Cons of commonly used Financial Techniques
IT Project Value Realization from Business Perspective and rationality of BRM (Benefit Realization Management)


Benefit Realization Management (BRM)
What is BRM?
Why BRM?
BRM for Whom?
Fundamental process of BRM Approach
Frameworks for BRM
BRM Models15
Cranfield BRM process model
Active Benefit Realization (ABR) Model
Project Appraisal Method (PAM) BRM Model
The DMR model for BRM


BRM Practice in Different Arena
ERP Implementation and BRM
Telecom Project Value Optimization
Institutional Innovation (Education Sector)
Public Sector
Developed Economy
Emerging Economy25


BRM Case Study
Vodaphone Customer Intelligence Case
Vodaphone PRINCE2 Case
Fujitsu Case30


BRM Application Related Issue
Issues Related with the Adoption of BRM
IT Manager's Approach towards BRM
Business Manager's Approach towards BRM
Major Challenge: Aligning BRM with Corporate Strategy
Emerging Issue of EPMO (Enterprise Project Management office) and BRM


Conclusions & Recommendations
Conclusion & Recommendation for Organization
Recommendation for KDM (Key Decision Maker)
Align IT with Corporate Strategy
Link Current Practice with BRM
Integrate BRM with Strategy Map37
Adopt a BRM Model
Create EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office)
Recommendation for Business Manager
Recommendation for IT Manager40
Recommendation for EPMO and Project Manager (PM)


Figure 1: Estimated Actual and Projected Global Spending on IT from 2003 to 2013, Source: World Information Services Technology Association (WITSA) Digital Plant, 2010 (October 2010) (Forecast in US$)
Figure 2: Project management cycle shift: conventional vs. BRM approach
Figure 3: Cranfield process model of benefit management (Source: Ward and Peppard, 2002)16
Figure 4: Active benefit realization approach (Source: Remenyi & Sherwood-Smith, 2002)
Figure 5: DMR's benefit realization
Figure 6: The core element of the DMR result chain (source: Thorp, 1999, 2001)
Figure 7: JISC institutional innovation program framework
Figure 8: Public sector project management cycle
Figure 9: The new IT alignment: IS capability and organizational performance (Source: Pappard & Ward, 2004)
Figure 10: The Application Services Portfolio and IT Infrastructure (Source: Pappard, 2003)
Figure 11: Tasks need to accomplish in order to gain benefit from IT project
Figure 12: Issues of BRM
Figure 13: A Strategy Map (source: Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton)
Figure 14: BRM strategy and positioning in organizational framework
Figure 15: Suggested EPMO structure


Table 1: Territory wise % contribution to IT production and projected growth over 2014
Table 2: Benefit frameworks (Sources: Shang and Seddon, 2002)
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Market Analysis and Benefit Realization Management (BRM) Solutions
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