LTE: Global Outlook and Forecasts 2010-2014

Date: November 22, 2010
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LTE: Global Outlook and Forecasts 2010-2014
LTE Gains Credibility Among Top-tier Carriers Although it was comparatively slow to gain endorsement from the world’s principal telecommunications network operators, the Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communications technology standard has now become the most widespread platform of choice for operators looking to migrate to the next generation of mobile broadband services. The weight of the backing and investment thrown behind LTE worldwide is such that, even with only a handful of commercial service launches to its name, LTE already has greater commercial credibility than its principal rival, WiMAX.

The need for advanced mobile networks capable of offering very high data transfer rates at very high quality, even when on the move, has long been recognised by the mobile industry and, while 3G has come to be seen as a useful stepping-stone in establishing the foundations of a working mobile broadband ecosystem, industry players have always considered the fourth generation (4G) of wireless technology as representing the point where ubiquitous wireless connectivity would really take off.

With downlink rates of up to 100Mbps, LTE is widely expected to significantly enhance the mobile user’s complete connectivity experience, fulfilling the potential of high-speed multifaceted multimedia applications and services whose initial incarnations already dictate our connected lifestyles. In time, the technologies that will evolve out of standards such as LTE and WiMAX will be more universal in scope, allowing users to access personalised content, applications and services, such as interactive television and games, workstations and content stored off-net or off-device via cloud-based networks.

This report summarises activity to date in the global LTE market, assesses the key drivers behind the move towards LTE rather than WiMAX, identifies the key operators moving to adopt LTE, offers up case studies of key vendors’ LTE offerings and forecasts LTE subscriber uptake rates in eight key regions of the world over a five-year period.

As a supplementary section, BMI has included its Mobile Market Data Analysis on key markets from each region that are making the most progress with regards to LTE rollout. This will provide the context needed to understand why operators are so keen to push ahead with LTE, even in the absence of its endorsement as a fully-fledged 4G standard by the leading standards recognition body, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
LTE: Global Outlook & Forecasts, 2010-2014
Executive Summary
Smartphones, Laptops Behind Data Traffic Explosion
Fals e Dawn For 4g’s Early Birds?
Devices: Little Or No Choice, As Yet
Regional Overviews
Harbinger Plots ‘open’ LTE Network
Canada More Cautious
LatiN America
Western Europe
The Developed
The Developing
Long-term Outlook
Central And Eastern Europe
Other Notable Markets
Asia And Pacific
Mature 3G Markets First To Embrace LTE
Case Study: Ntt Docomo’s LTE Plans
Detailed Three-year LTE Strategy
Defectors To TD-LTE
Doom And Gloom For Wimax?
Not Exactly a Smooth Transition To 4g For Everyone
Middle East And Africa
LTE Versus Wimax
Mea Moving Towards LTE At Different Speeds
LTE Only Of Interest To Affluent Markets As Yet
Middle East And North Africa In Top Gear
Mena Long-term Outlook
Sub-saharan Africa Yet To Kick-off
Most Of Africa Still Not Ready For 3G, LET AL One LTE
Limitations To LTE Take-up
Sub Saharan Africa Long-term Outlook
LTE Forecasts, 2009-2014
Asia Leads The Way
LTE Subs Criber Forecasts By Region, 2009-2014 (‘000)
LTE Subscri Ber Gro Wth Trend s By Re Gion, 2009 - 2014
Market Data Analysis For Key Countries
Mobile - Q4 2010
USMobile Market Growth
USPrepaid Versus Postpaid
A Comparative Study Of Mobile Operator Market Shares
Subscriber Numbers And Market Share
Subscriber Mix
USMobile Market, Q210
Operators: Version Wireless, At&t Mobility, Sprint Nextel, T-mobile, USCellular,
USMobile Market Net Additions, Q409-q210
Operators: At&t Mobility, Version Wireless, T-mobile, USCellular, Sprint Nextel,
Wireless Subs Criber Mix (‘000)
USMobile Market, Regional Mobile Network Operators
USMobile Network Operator Subs Criber Mix Q210
USOperators Blended ARPU (US$)
USMobile Market Blended ARPU, Q309-q210
Operators: Version Wireless, T-mobile, AT&T Mobility
USOperators Prepaid ARPU Comparison (US$)
4G: LTE And Wimax
Sprint And Wimax
At&t, Verizon, Metropcs And LTE
Harbinger Plots ‘open’ LTE Network
Selected Mobile Contract Wins
Mobile Content
Country Outlook
Data ARPU Comparison (US$)
Pc-like Services
Mobile - Q1 2011
Chilean Mobile Subs Cribers And Penetration
February Earthquake
Competition Boost
Spectrum Allocations
Rural Mobile
A Comparative Study Of Mobile Operator Market Shares (%)
Market Share
Subscriber Mix
Chile Mobile Market, Q210
Proportion Of Prepaid Subs Cribers By Operator (%)
Chile Wireless Market, Net Additions
ARPU And Minutes Of Use (MOU)
ARPU Growth By Operator (% CHG Y-O-Y)
Mou Growth By Operator (% CHG Y-O-Y)
A Comparison Of Data Subs Cribers
2.5G VS 3G Connections
Mobile Internet Connections By Speed (‘000)
Mobile Content
Regional Overview
Mobile Content Services
Country Outlook
Sms Messaging
Mobile Broadband
Sms Sent Ov Er Networks
Mobile Banking
Other Content
Mobile - Q4 2010
Poland Mobile Market -- Subs Criber Growth
Market Leadership
Poland Wireless Market, June 2010
Net Additions
Snapshot Of Poland Mobile Net Additions Market
Subscriber Mix
Poland Mobile Subs Criber Mix
Poland Wireless Net Additions Market, Q210
Operator Subs Criber Mix (%)
Converged Services
Blended ARPU (EUR )
Mobile Content
Cee Vas Summary
TP SA Poland 3G Subs Criber Base (‘000)
Telekom Austria Mobile Broadband Subs Cribers In Key Cee Markets
Total Russ Ian Vas Market, Q309-q409
France Telecom Mobile Broadband Subs Cribers In Key Cee Markets
MTS Russ Ia Vas Revenue Intake (us$mn)
Country Outlook
Market Value
Orange 3G Customers* (‘000)
Mobile TV
Orange Data ARPU (pln)
Mobile Tags
Mobile Advertising
Mobile - Q4 2010
Sweden Mobile Growth
A Comparative Study Of Mobile Operator Market Shares
Subs Criber Mix -- Teliasonera Mobile
Subs Criber Mix -- Telenor Mobile
Customer Divisions
Sweden Mobile Subs Cribers Q408-q110 (mn)
Breakdown Of Mobile Customers By Technology Type
Teliasonera/tele2 Blended ARPU Comparison
3G And 3.5G
Sweden — Mobile ARPU Growth, 2005-2008 (sek /month)
Mobile Content
Regional Outlook
Sms Revenues Under Pressure
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Portals
Data Revenues Failing To Reflect Increased Data Usage
Country Outlook
Mobile Sms And Mm s (‘000)
Ta Ble: 3G And 3G Dongl e Customers Soaring
Mobile - Q4 2010
Japan Mobile And Ph s Market Share, June 2010
Operators: Ntt Docomo, Kddi, Softbank Mobile, Wilcom, Emobile, Uq Communications, Total
Japanese Data ARPUs, Q208-q210 (JPY /month)
Japanese Voice ARPUs Q208-q210 (JPY /month)
Japanese ARPUs, Q208-q210 (JPY /month)
3G Mobile Subs Criber Market, June 2010
3G Mobile Net Additions, June 2010
Mobile Contract Wins
Mobile Content
Regional Outlook
Mobile Contract Wins
As IA Mobile VAS Market By Service, 2009 (US$BN)
Country Outlook
Video & Gaming
Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet Subscribers
South Africa
Mobile - Q4 2010
Market Share of Quarterly Net Additions (%)
Market Share of Quarterly Net Additions (%)
Subscriber Divisions
South Africa Wireless Market, Q110
Quarterly Blended ARPU (zar )
Mobile Content
Regional Outlook
Country Outlook
Mtn Data Revenues (zar Mn)
Mobile TV
Mobile Banking
Mobile - Q4 2010
Bahrain Mobile Market, Q110
Bahrain Mobile Market Growth
Subscriber Mix
Bahrain Prepaid Vs Postpaid Subscriber Growth (‘000)
Prepaid Users as % of Total Subscribers
Zain Mobile ARPU (US$)
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Content
Mobile TV
Mobile Banking
Glossary of Terms. 108
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