Future Growth Potential of Mobile Money in India: Market Profile

Date: April 26, 2012
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Future Growth Potential of Mobile Money in India: Market Profile

The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights, including:
  • In-depth analysis of mobile money opportunities in India
  • A comprehensive and country-specific analysis of market attractiveness, covering the key trends, drivers and challenges
  • Detailed mobile money market sizing and forecasts for 2011–2016 including volume, value and average transaction size


Mobile money services in India have gained support from regulatory changes brought about by the central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The RBI increased the per day mobile money transfer limits to INRXX (US$XX) from the existing limit of INRXX (US$XX). In addition, the RBI also allowed the Indian postal department and corporate to function as business correspondents, authorizing them to act as retail agents providing banking services in areas where banks don’t have a branch or ATM.

  • This report provides an extensive analysis of the mobile money market in India
  • It provides current and forecast market size for the mobile money market in India
  • It offers a detailed analysis of business, infrastructure, technology and consumer trends driving the growth of the mobile money market in India
  • The report highlights the key challenges faced by the mobile money market
  • It provides case examples of key mobile payment vendors offering mobile payment services
  • The report details the new services launched by mobile banking operators in India
  • It also provides insights into the future of the mobile money market and upcoming trends shaping the growth of the market in India

Reasons To Buy
  • Gain in-depth insight into the mobile money market in India
  • Take informed decisions and formulate effective technical and marketing strategies based on the report’s detailed market insights on the mobile money market
  • Understand the key consumer, business and economic trends within the mobile money market in India
  • Gain insight on the growth strategies adopted by key mobile payment service providers


2.1 Key Competitors, Business Models and Success Factors in the Mobile Money Ecosystem
  2.1.1 Key competitors and business models
  2.1.2 Critical success factors
2.2 Benchmarking of Mobile Money Market Environment in BRIC Nations
  2.2.1 Relative positioning of emerging markets with regards to the adoption of mobile money
  2.2.2 Market attractiveness benchmarking in BRIC
2.3 Market Size and Future Prospects of Mobile Money in BRIC nations
  2.3.1 Benchmarking market size in value terms by financial services
  2.3.2 Benchmarking Market Size by Volume of Transaction and Average Transaction Size


3.1 Introduction to Mobile Money in India
3.2 Mobile Money Transactions and User Forecasts 2011-2016
  3.2.1 Market size by value
  3.2.2 Market size by volume and average transaction size
  3.2.3 Market size by financial services
3.3 Key Drivers of Mobile Money in India
  3.3.1 Regulatory drivers
  3.3.2 Business and technology drivers
  3.3.3 Consumer drivers
3.4 Key Trends
  3.4.1 Business trends
  3.4.2 Infrastructure and technology trends
  3.4.3 Consumer trends
3.5 Challenges
3.6 Mobile Banking Regulations in India
3.7 Mobile Banking Services Launched in India
  3.7.1 Telecom operators
  3.7.2 Leading banks investing in providing mobile banking functionality to users
  3.7.3 Other mobile banking services
3.8 Case Example
  3.8.1 Growing importance of BCs in banking the unbanked
3.9 Future of Mobile Money in India


4.1 About BRICdata
4.2 Definitions
  4.2.1 Areas of expertise
4.3 Methodology
4.4 Disclaimer


Table 1: Value Proposition and Competitive Positioning in Mobile Money Market
Table 2: Mobile Payment Evolution in India Based on Scope of Services Offered
Table 3: Key Drivers of the Indian Mobile Money Market
Table 4: Interbank Mobile Payments Service (IMPS) Transaction Data
Table 5: Mobile Money Regulations in India
Table 6: Mobile Banking Services Offered by Leading Indian Telecom and Handset Operators
Table 7: BRICdata Mobile Money Definitions


Figure 1: Mobile Money Value Chain – Key Competitors and Business Models
Figure 2: Mobile Money Market Evolution – Target Customer vs Market Penetration and ROI
Figure 3: Relative Positioning of Emerging Markets – Mobile Payment Adoption and Maturity
Figure 4: Attractiveness of BRIC Countries – Mobile Penetration vs Access to Financial Services
Figure 5: Relative Positioning of BRIC – Market Competitiveness vs Regulatory Readiness
Figure 6: Mobile Money Market Potential in BRIC – Breakdown by Key Financial Services, 2016
Figure 7: Mobile Money Market by Volume of Transaction and Average Transaction Size, 2011–2016
Figure 8: India Mobile Money Market Size by Value, 2011–2016
Figure 9: Indian Mobile Money Market Size by Volume and Average. Transaction Size, 2011–2016
Figure 10: India Mobile Money Market Size by Financial Services, 2016
Figure 11: Wireless Subscriber Base (in millions) and Wireless Teledensity (%), September 2009–September 2011
Figure 12: Mobile Money Service, Eko, Made Available at a Local Kirana Store
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Future Growth Potential of Mobile Money in India: Market Profile
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