Australia Defence and Security Report Q3 2014

Date: July 23, 2014
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BMI View: The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is now in a transitional period. After ongoing operational and logistical investment in operations in Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, the ADF is now focused on re-grouping and optimising its resources to support its strategic goals for the revised 2030 strategy. There have been some recent organizational changes, including a change in the ADF chief in June 2014. The current expenditure in the overall defence market is projected to increase from 1.6% of GDP in 2014 to 1.7% of GDP showing the government's commitment to assign meaningful amounts of budget to the ADF.

The Defence White Paper published in late 2013 has outlined the importance of the ADF to the overall success of the Australian economy and nation. Based on this the ADF reported that following the 2009 crises the average annual budget for the ADF declined to an average of 1.8% of GDP/year and that they will seek to increase this to 2% of GDP by 2030.
BMI Industry View
Australia Security SWOT
Australia Defence SWOT
Business Environment
Industry Forecast
Australia Industry Forecast
Defence Expenditure
  Table: Defence Expenditure (Australia 2011-2018)
  Table: Defence Expenditure Scenario - Changing % Of GDP (Australia 2011-2018)
Armed Forces
  Table: Armed Forces Personnel (Australia 2004-2011)
  Table: Manpower Available For Military Service (Australia 2011-2018)
Defence Trade
  Table: Defence Trade Balance (Australia 2011-2018)
  Table: Defence Imports (Australia 2011-2018)
  Table: Defence Exports (Australia 2011-2018)
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Economic Analysis
Pull-Back In Mining Investment Still The Biggest Drag
Other Sectors Ill-Placed To Drive Growth As Reform Drive Stalls
Fiscal Restraint Negative For Near-Term Growth
  Table: Economic Activity (Australia 2010-2018)
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Developed States Security Risk Ratings
  Table: Developed States Regional Security Ratings
  Table: Developed States State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index
Australia Security Risk Ratings
Market Overview
Australia Defence Market Overview
Armed Forces
Domestic Industries
Australia Security Overview
Domestic Threats
Regional Threats
International Threats
Company Profile
BAE Systems Australia
Boeing Australia
Raytheon Australia
Thales Australia
Regional Overview
Europe Security Overview
Global Industry Overview
Global Political Outlook
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Security Risk Ratings Methodology
  Table: Indicators And Weighting
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Australia Defence and Security Report Q3 2014
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