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Ski Travel - Case Study

January 2021 | 14 pages | ID: S3C4C76B651DEN

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Ski Travel - Case Study


Winter sports holiday are popular across the globe, even though destinations tend to be concentrated geographically. Skiing, snowboarding, apres-ski nightlife, and festivals all appeal to tourists and the likes of Zermatt and Aspen have become highly desirable and aspirational. This case study looks at the trends in the ski travel industry, including the impact of COVID-19.

Key Highlights
  • One of the main factors of a ski holiday that differentiates it from a generic holiday is that it involves a sport, which could be skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, or one of many other winter sports. Whilst these are enjoyable, they can be expensive and costs of this kind of holiday can amount to a lot more than a package sun & beach holiday, for example.
  • As mentioned, ski holidays include many components, and organizing these to fit in within a short time frame can be considered as a lot of hassle to the traveler. Therefore, many international ski trips are booked via a tour operator, which organizes the whole trip ready for the traveler and all the traveler has to do is decide when and where they would like to go, and pay the cost of the trip.
  • Fluctuating travel corridor rules and travel bans make it hard for the customer to be confident in booking a trip, and also makes it difficult for travel intermediaries to be able to plan, sell and book holidays for customers who are willing to travel at this time. This will mainly impact resorts which depend highly on a international visitor percentage, however resorts that depend on domestic visitors will still have to be mindful of national travel restrictions and should focus on attracting visitors from nearby areas / states.
  • As accessibility of ski destinations by low-cost airlines has improved, many skiers and winter sports enthusiasts are escaping for a short amount of time or a weekend break. This could help to attract younger travelers, as it can fit around busy schedules that can be tied onto a weekend, alongside the lower costs associated with a shorter trip. Skiers among demographic have been declining in recent years so this would be a welcome trend. Resorts that are close to airports or train stations will benefit from this trend.
  • This case study looks at the trends in the ski travel industry (including the impact of COVID-19), growth drivers, challenges, and offers a view on how resorts can broaden the customer base.
Reasons to Buy
  • Understand the dynamics of the ski holiday industry
  • Learn about how the ski holiday industry is evolving
  • Gain an insight into the impact COVID-19 has had on the market
  • Understand which are the most popular destinations and why
Table of Contents
Ski Travel Overview
Trends in Ski Travel
Key Ski Travel Destinations
Opportunities in Ski Travel
Challenges in Ski Travel


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