Top 200 Leading Multiconcept Operators

Date: October 23, 2011
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Top 200 Leading Multiconcept Operators
With the economies of scale and administrative efficiency of chains, and the local patronage and menu flexibility of smart independent operators, multiconcept operators (MCOs) are on the leading edge of restaurant innovation. Operating a number of restaurants enables MCOs to share resources, shifting them when necessary from concept to concept. Yet because each restaurant has its own identity, most consumers know only their favorite neighborhood eatery or one-of-a-kind establishment they'd like to try.

The largest and most thorough MCO study available

For this multiconcept operator report, Technomic has taken a nationwide census of these influential restaurant companies to determine the current trends and leading players.

The report presents detailed profiles of 200 leading companies—from thought leaders Levy Restaurants and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises to growing market-specific groups such as New Orleans' Link Restaurant Group and Chef Bryan Caswell's PF&B Management Co. in Houston.

Each profile outlines:
  • Headquarter information and key contacts
  • Sales and unit data
  • Company history
  • Concept positioning, menu focus and ambiance of each restaurant brand
In addition, the report offers insight into the research and development process, methods of procurement, and an analysis of key trends.

Driving influences include:
  • The prominence of celebrity chefs who use their prestige to grow their business, and vice versa.
  • Downscaled fine-dining, offering innovative cuisine in a no-jacket-required environment.
  • Sourcing local, seasonal and often organic ingredients.
  • Expanding beyond restaurants, such as nightclubs, event facilities, catering and nontraditional locations.
  • Partnering with hotels and entertainment complexes for prime locations.
Why suppliers need MCO business

MCOs are key local leverage operators. They may represent tens of millions of dollars in annual sales. These companies are eager to work with suppliers of the freshest, best and most unusual products—and they don't have the high-volume constraints and rigid need for uniformity that limit large chains' supply-chain possibilities. For suppliers that understand their special needs, leading MCOs can be lucrative, loyal and influential customers.
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Top 200 Leading Multiconcept Operators
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