North Korea Defence and Security Report 2016

Date: December 9, 2015
Pages: 33
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BMI View: After the accession of Kim Jong-Un as North Korean ruler, the reform of the country's 'military first' policy has become apparent. Even though the Korean Peope's Army (KPA) is a weakened force - that suffers from logistical shortages, ageing equipment, and inadequate training - and the country is suffering from a tough domestic economic climate, we expect North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and longrange ballistic missiles to continue. However, due to planned economic reforms, defence spending may be partly sacrificed. Reliable data about North Korean spending and resources are difficult to obtain, but its strengths are clearly in a vast infantry machine rather than in high tech capabilities it will consequently look to import.

In 2016, North Korea will remain a formidable military threat to its neighbours due to its massive 1.1mn strong conventional armed forces and its weapons of mass destruction, which include nuclear weapons. Defence spending is estimated to increase by 3.0% in 2015, which is at a slower growth rate than the 5.7% increase in 2014. In 2016 however, we forecast North Korea to increase its defence spending by 7.8%, a significant acceleration from 2015.
BMI Industry View
Industry Forecast
Defence Spending
  Table: Defence Expenditure (North Korea 2012-2019)
Defence Trade
Armed Forces
  Table: Armed Forces Personnel (North Korea 2005-2012)
  Table: Manpower Available For Military Service (North Korea 2012-2019)
Industry Risk Reward Index
North Korea Security Risk Ratings
  Table: Asia Pacific - Defence Industry Risk Reward Index
Market Overview
North Korea Defence Market Overview
Domestic Defence Market
Domestic Defence Market
North Korea Security Overview
Domestic Threats
Regional Threats
International Threats
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
  Table: Defence Risk/Reward Index Indicators
  Table: Weighting of Defence Risk Reward Index
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North Korea Defence and Security Report 2016
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