Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook

Date: October 23, 2011
US$ 495.00
Publisher: Technomic, Inc.
Report type: Reference Manual
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Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook
The convenience store foodservice channel may seem complicated and overwhelming—not anymore.

Productivity matters now more than ever, so it's critical that less-experienced employees and new hires hit the ground running. But what executive or manager has the time to spend hours assembling materials and reviewing industry essentials with team members? Let Technomic lend you a hand and save you time and money. Order the Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook and share the perfect industry primer with your budding employees.


Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook is updated annually by senior Technomic experts to provide foodservice professionals a straightforward, comprehensive and current tool to kick-start acclimation to the convenience store foodservice industry. It also makes a good refresher course for experienced foodservice executives because it's frequently revised.

While newcomers will read the handbook from cover to cover, the book makes a great desktop reference because it's well-indexed and categorized. The handbook provides a detailed, essential industry overview, grouped by operator, distributor, manufacturer and consumer chapters.


Convenience store foodservice is a multibillion-dollar industry with broad scope and deep layers. To get your team up to speed quickly, use the Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook to help staff understand the challenges faced by foodservice suppliers, distributors and operators, as well key consumer trends driving foodservice growth.

Great value

For only $495, the Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook will help you quickly acclimate your team to this dynamic channel. Readers will be up to date—on trends and issues facing foodservice suppliers, distributors, operators, as well as consumers—and ready to help you grow your business.
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Convenience Store 101 Foodservice Handbook
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