Wholesalers Trade Agents & Broker Lines Middle East Report

Date: March 2, 2016
Pages: 1920
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Publisher: DataGroup Booksellers
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Wholesalers Trade Agents & Broker Lines Middle East Report

The Wholesalers Trade Agents & Broker Lines Middle East Report gives Market Consumption / Products / Services for 19 countries by 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes by 3 Time series: From 1997- 2016 and Forecasts 2017- 2024 & 2024-2028.

Countries covered include: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. NB: Data Caveats apply for some countries.

59 MARKET RESEARCH CHAPTERS. SPREADSHEET CHAPTERS: Market Consumption - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

Data includes Market Consumption by individual Product / Service, Per-Capita Consumption, Marketing Costs & Margins, Product Launch Data, Buyers, End Users & Customer Profile, Consumer Demographics. Historic Balance Sheets, Forecast Financial Data, Industry Profile, National Data.

The report is on a DVD containing the entire web and databases, or it is available online. Merge text, tables & databases for your own reports, spreadsheet calculations & modeling.

537 Products/Markets covered, 1920 pages, 4038 spreadsheets, 3977 database tables, 260 illustrations. Updated monthly. 12 month After-Sales Service. This database covers NAICS code: 42512_L.

The Market for Wholesalers Trade Agents & Broker Lines in each country by Products & Services.

This database covers NAICS code: 42512_L. Products/Services classified by 5-Digit US Commerce Department Code and then defined by each 6 to 10-Digit Product Codes.

The Wholesalers Trade Agents & Broker Lines Middle East Report covers:

TIME SERIES - Historic: 1997- 2016 / Current time series: 2017- 2024 / Long Term Projection: 2024-2028. Consumption given at industry / distribution channel / service or product line level.


Wholesale trade agents & brokers Lines

New and used automobiles, motorcycles, and trailers

New automobiles

Used automobiles


Motor scooters, mopeds, and golf carts

Buses, campers, and motor homes


Motor homes, car trailers, campers, and van conversions

Light trucks and truck bodies, 14,000 lb or less

New light trucks

Used light trucks

New and used vans and cargo vans

Medium trucks, 14,001 lb to 33,000 lb

New medium trucks and tractors

Used medium trucks and tractors

Heavy trucks and tractors, over 33,000 lb

New heavy trucks

New heavy truck tractors

New truck trailers

Used heavy trucks, tractors, and trailers

New and rebuilt automotive parts and supplies


Complete engines

Electrical engine parts

Brake parts

Exhaust system parts

Hoses, belts, gaskets, and wiper blades

Filters, including oil, air, gas, and transmission

Engine parts, excluding electrical parts

Body parts and repair materials

Suspension parts, including shocks, struts, and balljoints

Other automotive parts and supplies

Automotive accessories

Used automotive parts, accessories, and equipment

Petroleum products marketing equipment

Tires and tubes

New automobile tires and tubes

Re-treaded and used tires and repair materials

New truck and bus tires

Re-treaded and used truck and bus tires and repair materials

Household and lawn furniture

Upholstered furniture

Mattresses and beds

Lawn and outdoor furniture

Other furniture, including sleep sofas

Office and business furniture

New wooden and metal office furniture

New store and restaurant furniture

New public furniture

Used office and business furniture

Household china

Linens, domestics, curtains, and draperies

Bedspreads, blankets, and bedding

Curtains and draperies

Shades and blinds

Towels and washcloths

Other linens and domestics

Flooring and floor coverings

Rugs and carpeting

Hardwood flooring

Other hard-surface floor coverings and accessories

Miscellaneous home furnishings

Rough, dressed, and finished dimensional lumber

Untreated lumber

Treated lumber


Plywood and millwork

Softwood plywood & oriented strand board (OSB)

Other panels products

Gypsum, waterboard, and other specialty boards

Wood millwork

Metal millwork

Trusses, wood siding, and wood shingles

Concrete, cement, sand, gravel, stone, brick, block, and tile

Ready-mixed or transit-mixed concrete

Cement and lime

Sand, gravel, and crushed stone

Brick, block, tile, and clay or cement sewer pipe

Nonwood roofing, nonwood siding, and insulation materials

Nonwood roofing

Nonwood siding

Insulation materials

Flat glass and other construction glass

Other construction products and materials

Rain-carrying equipment

Prefabricated buildings and non-wood structural assemblies

Manufactured mobile homes

Other construction materials

Photographic equipment and supplies

Office equipment, excluding computers


Copiers and copier parts and equipment

Dictating, transcribing, and recording machines

Mailing, letter handling, and addressing machines

New computer equipment


Computer storage devices

Computer printers

Other computer peripheral equipment

Used computer equipment

Packaged computer software

Restaurant and hotel equipment and supplies

Store machines and equipment

Vending machines

Other store machines and equipment

Medical, hospital, and surgical supplies

Surgical and medical instruments and equipment

Orthopedic and prosthetic appliances and supplies

Other surgical, medical, and hospital supplies

Dental equipment, instruments, and supplies

Dental equipment

Dental instruments and supplies

Optical and ophthalmic goods and supplies

Ophthalmic goods

Prescription grinding

Optometric equipment and supplies

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other optical goods

Religious and school supplies

Miscellaneous professional equipment and supplies

Architects' equipment and supplies

Engineers' equipment and supplies

Laboratory equipment and supplies

Scientific instruments

Veterinarians' equipment and supplies

Other professional equipment and supplies

Semi-finished iron and steel products

Sheet bars and tin plate bars

Wire rods

Rough castings and foundry products


Other semi-finished iron and steel products

Flat iron and steel products


Hot-rolled and cold-rolled strips

Cold-rolled sheets

Hot-rolled sheets

Galvanized and coated sheets

Tin plate and terneplate

Fabricated and structural plate products

Other flat iron and steel products

Iron and steel wire and wire products

Wire, including plain, coated, barbed, and twisted


Wire rope, strand, strapping, and reinforcement mesh

Iron and steel pipes and tubing


Standard steel pipes

Other steel pipes

Other iron and steel products

Hot-rolled bars and bar-size shape

Cold-finished bars and bar-size shapes

Concrete reinforcement bars

Structural shapes, excluding bar-size shapes

Other finished products

Alloy steel

Hot-rolled or cold-finished bars

Pipes, tubing, and plates

Other alloy steel

Stainless steel




Bars and bar-size shapes

Other stainless steel, including tubing

Copper and brass

Structural copper wire mill products

Flat products, including sheets, strips, and plates

Tubular products

Rods, nonelectrical wire, and extruded shapes

Aluminum shapes and forms

Plates - .250 inch and over

Sheets and coils - .006 to .249 inch

Rolled or extruded rods

Pipes and tubing

Foil - up to .005 inch

Other nonferrous metals

Coal and coke


Minerals and ores

Electrical apparatus and equipment

Power and distribution transformers

Switchgear and switchboard apparatus

Motors and generators

Conduit, raceway, and fittings

Electric light bulbs

Interior wiring, excluding conduit

Exterior wiring and cable, excluding conduit

Lighting fixtures

Industrial controls

Other electrical apparatus and equipment

Electric household appliances


Radios, stereos, tape players, and CD players

VCRs, video cameras, digital video disc (DVD) players

Electric household ranges and ovens

Household refrigerators and freezers

Electric household washing machines and dryers

Household vacuum cleaners and sewing machines

Other electric household appliances

Electronic parts and equipment

Integrated circuits

Capacitors and resistors


Electronic connectors and other passive electronic parts

Other electronic parts and equipment

Communications equipment and supplies


Other communications equipment


Hand tools, including power driven tools

Bolts, nuts, rivets, and other fasteners, excluding nails


Plumbing and hydronic heating equipment

Plastic pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing

Metal pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing

Plumbing fixtures

Hydronic and gas furnaces, stoves, water heaters

Boilers, radiators, and convectors

Other plumbing and heating equipment and supplies

Forced air heating and air-conditioning equipment

Forced air furnaces

Central air-conditioners

Heat pumps

Air cleaning and filtration systems

Compressors for air-conditioners

Condensing units for air-conditioners

Registers, grills, duct insulation

Refrigeration equipment and supplies

Commercial refrigerators

Unit coolers for commercial refrigerators

Condensing units for commercial refrigerators


Other commercial refrigeration equipment

Construction and mining machinery

Farm machinery, equipment, and parts

New farm tractors

New harvesting machinery

New land preparation, planting, and cultivating machinery

New dairy farm and barn equipment

New irrigation equipment

Other new farm machinery and equipment

Used farm machinery and equipment

Lawn and garden machinery, equipment, and parts

Food-processing machinery, equipment, and parts

New commercial food-processing machinery

New packing, packaging, and bottling equipment

Used commercial food-processing machinery

Used packing, packaging, and bottling equipment


Pump and motor parts

Hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, motors, and parts


General-purpose industrial machinery

New pumps, compressors, and equipment

New diesel engines, excluding automotive engines

New controlling, recording, and indicating instruments

Other new general-purpose industrial machinery

Used general-purpose industrial machinery

Metalworking machinery, equipment, and parts

Materials handling machinery, equipment, and parts

New conveying equipment

New hoists and cranes

New forklifts

New industrial trucks and tractors

Used materials handling machinery

Oil well, oil refinery, and pipeline machinery

New oil refining and pipeline machinery

New oil field machinery, equipment, and supplies

Used oil well, oil refinery, and pipeline machinery

Other industrial machinery, equipment, and parts

New metal smelting and refining machinery

New power plant machinery, excluding electrical

New printing trades machinery

New textile and sewing machinery and equipment

New woodworking machinery

Other new industrial machinery and equipment

Used industrial machinery and equipment

Mechanical power transmission supplies

Bearings and bushings

Other mechanical power transmission supplies

Industrial valves and fittings

Hydraulic and pneumatic valves

Hydraulic valves

Pneumatic valves

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and rotary actuators

Hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators

Pneumatic cylinders and rotary actuators

Hydraulic and pneumatic connectors and assemblies

Hydraulic and pneumatic connectors

Hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies

Other hydraulic and pneumatic accessories and parts

Welding supplies, excluding gases

Industrial containers and supplies

New and reconditioned drums and barrels

Bottles and bottlers' supplies

Other industrial containers and supplies

Abrasives, strapping, tapes, and inks

Beauty and barber equipment and supplies

Beauty and barber equipment

Beauty and barber supplies

Janitorial equipment and supplies

Laundry and dry-cleaning equipment and supplies

Service establishment equipment and supplies

Burial caskets and other funeral equipment

Other service establishment equipment

Aircraft and aeronautical equipment

New aircraft

New aircraft engines and engine parts

Other new aircraft equipment and supplies

Used aircraft and aeronautical equipment

Marine machinery, equipment, and supplies

New ships and boats, excluding pleasure boats

New marine propulsion machinery

New marine supplies

Used marine machinery, equipment, and supplies

Other transportation equipment and supplies

New transportation equipment, excluding automotive

Used transportation equipment, excluding automotive

Sporting and recreational goods and supplies

Firearms, ammunition, and reloading equipment

Bicycles and bicycle tires and tubes

Billiard, pool, and bowling equipment

Camping and fishing equipment and accessories

Athletic equipment and accessories

Skiing and snowboarding equipment

Marine pleasure craft, equipment, and accessories

Other sporting and recreational goods

Toys and hobby goods and supplies

Video game players

Other toys and games, including children's vehicles

Crafts and craft supplies

Other hobby goods and accessories

Ferrous metal scrap

Prepared ferrous metal scrap

Unprepared ferrous metal scrap

Nonferrous metal scrap

Aluminum scrap

Copper and copper alloy scrap

Other nonferrous metallic scrap

Recyclable paper and paperboard

Recyclable materials

Recyclable textiles

Recyclable plastics

Recyclable glass

Jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and watches

Diamonds and diamond jewelry

Gemstone and pearl jewelry

Diamonds, diamond jewelry, gemstones, and pearl jewelry

Watches, clocks, and watch parts

Karat gold jewelry

Other jewelry, silverware, and plated ware

Precious metals--gold, silver, and platinum

Musical instruments and supplies

Non-lumber forest products

Pre-recorded compact discs (CDs)

Pre-recorded video tapes, and digital video discs (DVDs)

Miscellaneous durable goods

Fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment

Printing and writing paper


Fine roll paper

Other printing and writing paper

Office paper, office supplies, greeting cards, and labels

Business forms

Office and consumer paper, including stationery

Inked ribbons, pens, and pencils

Toner and toner cartridges

Greeting cards

Other office supplies

Paper and plastic products


Knit and woven piece goods

Goods purchased gray and finished on contract

Cotton, including blends

Synthetics, excluding synthetic knits

Other knit fabrics

Woolen and worsted piece goods

Other piece goods


Men's and boys' wear

Men's and boys' suits, coats, and formal wear

Men's and boys' dress

Men's and boys' underwear and sleepwear

Men's and boys' work clothing and uniforms

Other men's and boys' wear

Women's, misses', and girls' wear

Women's, misses', and girls' dresses and blouses

Women's, misses', and girls' suits and coats

Women's, misses', and girls' outerwear

Women's, misses', and girls' underwear and sleepwear

Other women's, misses', and girls' wear

Infants' and children's wear, to size 6X


All athletic footwear

Infants' footwear

Women's, misses', and girls' footwear

Men's and boys' footwear

Shoe accessories

Packaged frozen food

Frozen meals

Frozen fish and seafood products

Frozen vegetables

Frozen fruits and fruit juices

Frozen meat products

Frozen baked goods

Other frozen foods, excluding frozen dairy products

Frozen poultry products

Dairy products



Milk and cream, excluding raw milk and cream

Ice cream and other frozen dairy products

Raw milk and cream

Other dairy products

Poultry and poultry products



Chewing gum


Chips and popcorn

Other confectioneries

Fish and seafood

Fresh meat and meat products

Beef not slaughtered on location

Veal not slaughtered on location

Lamb and mutton not slaughtered on location

Pork or equivalent not slaughtered on location

Sausage and prepared meats made on location

Sausage and prepared meats not made on location

Meat from animals slaughtered on location

Other meat products

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits

Prepackaged fresh-cut vegetables

Other fresh vegetables

Coffee, tea, and spices




Bread and baked goods

Bread and rolls

Cookies, cakes, and other baked goods

Canned food

Canned and bottled fruits, vegetables, and juices

Canned and bottled baby food

Canned meat

Canned fish and seafood

Canned milk

Other canned food, including canned poultry products

Food and beverage basic materials

Soft drinks and bottled water

Packaged soft drinks

Pre-mix and post-mix bulk soft drinks

Bottled water

Non-alcoholic beer and mixers

Grocery specialties


Breakfast cereals

Cooking oils and margarine


Pickles, preserves, jellies, jams, and sauces

Refined sugar

Pet food

Other grocery specialties

Grain, beans, and seeds

Corn, excluding corn grown for silage

Oats and barley


Sorghum, excluding sorghum grown for silage


Seeds and other grains, beans, and rice

Cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats


Hogs or equivalent



Hides, skins, and pelts

Leaf tobacco

All other leaf tobacco

Inedible farm products

Horses, mules, and donkeys

Other inedible farm products

Raw cotton

Plastics materials and basic shapes

Chemicals and allied products

Refined petroleum products

Aviation gasoline

Motor gasoline

Special naphtha

Jet fuel, naphtha or kerosene

No. 2 distillate fuel oil

All other distillate fuel oil

Residual fuel oil

Lubricating oil and greases

Liquefied petroleum (LP)

Crude oil

Other petroleum products

Beer and ale

Wine and distilled alcoholic beverages


Distilled liquor, including premixed alcoholic drinks

Farm supplies

Hay and straw

Poultry and livestock feeds

Herbicides, soil sterilizers, and soil conditioners

Insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides

Other agricultural chemicals and fertilizers

Seeds and bulbs for planting

Other farm supplies

Tobacco and tobacco products



Other tobacco products, excluding leaf tobacco

Paint, paint supplies, wallpaper, and wallpaper supplies

Books, periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials


Periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials

Flowers and florists' supplies

Art goods, including novelties and souvenirs

Art goods

Novelties and souvenirs

Textile bags, bagging, and burlap

Wigs, yarns, and leather products

Service receipts and labor charges

Labor charges for repair work

Parts installed in repair work

Other service receipts and labor charges

Receipts for service contracts

Advertising specialties, including paper novelties

Receipts for installing equipment

Miscellaneous commodities

Receipts for harvesting, cleaning, and shelling

Sales of integrated systems

Rental and operating lease receipts

Construction receipts

Custom computer software


1 Administration, 2 Advertising, 3 Buyers - Commercial Operations, 4 Buyers - Competitors, 5 Buyers - Major City, 6 Buyers - Products, 7 Buyers - Trade Cell, 8 Competitive Industry Analysis, 9 Competitor Analysis, 10 Country Focus, 11 Distribution, 12 Business Decision Scenarios, 13 Capital Costs Scenarios, 14 Cashflow Option Scenarios, 15 Cost Structure Scenarios, 16 Historic Industry Balance Sheet, 17 Historic Marketing Costs & Margins, 18 Investment + Cost Reduction Scenarios, 19 Market Climate Scenarios, 20 Marketing Costs, 21 Marketing Expenditure Scenarios, 22 Marketing Margins, 23 Strategic Options Scenarios, 24 Survival Scenarios, 25 Tactical Options Scenarios, 26 Geographic Data, 27 Industry Norms, 28 Major City Market Analysis, 29 Capital Access Scenarios, 30 Market Cashflow Scenarios, 31 Economic Climate Scenarios, 32 Market Investment + Costs Scenarios, 33 Marketing Expenditure Scenarios, 34 Market Risk Scenarios, 35 Market Strategic Options, 36 Market Survival Options, 37 Market Tactical Options, 38 Marketing Expenditure -v- Market Share, 39 Marketing Strategy Development, 40 Markets, 41 Operational Analysis, 42 Overseas Development, 43 Personnel Management, 44 Physical Distribution + Customer Handling, 45 Pricing, 46 Process + Order Handling, 47 Product Analysis, 48 Product Development, 49 Product Marketing Factors, 50 Product Mix, 51 Product Summary, 52 Profit Risk Scenarios, 53 Promotional Mix, 54 Salesforce Decisions, 55 Sales Promotion, 56 Surveys, 57 Targets -Product + Market, 58 Technology, 59 Trade Cell Analysis.


PRODUCT CONSUMPTION - in US$ by Country by Product/Service by Year: 1997- 2016, Forecast 2017- 2024, Forecast 2024-2028. Market, Financial, Competitive, Market Segmentation, Industry, Critical Parameters, Marketing Costs, Markets, Decision Makers, Performance, Product Launch.

MIDDLE EAST & NATIONAL REPORT MARKET DATABASE & SPREADSHEETS: 1332 Middle East Database tables & Spreadsheets covering business scenarios. 1435 Middle East Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Markets, Market Forecast, Financial Forecast, Financial Margins, Historic Financial, Historic Costs, Industry Norms for each country. 3816 National Database tables & Spreadsheets covering business scenarios.

FINANCIAL SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 188 Balance Sheet, Financial Margins & Ratios for each of 103 Business Scenarios - by Country by Year - Forecast 2017- 2024, Forecast 2024-2028.

INDUSTRY SPREADSHEETS & DATABASES: 820 Database tables & Spreadsheets covering Historic Industry Balance Sheet Data, Forecast Industry Financial Data, Industry Profiles & Norms - by Country by Year - Forecast 2017- 2024, Forecast 2024-2028.

NATIONAL DATA - by Country by Year.

The report is produced on a DVD containing the entire report web and databases, and it is available online. Readers can access & reproduce the information for their own documents or reports. Tables & databases as Access & Excel formats on the DVD to enable readers to produce their own spreadsheet calculations & modeling.

537 Products covered for over 200 Countries: 1920 pages, 4038 spreadsheets, 3977 database tables, 260 diagrams & maps.

This database is updated monthly. 12 months Full After-Sales Services & Updates available from the publishers.

This report is also available as 9 Regional Reports: Canada and the USA, Central America (31 countries), South America (13 countries), Europe (45 countries), Eurasia (4 countries), Middle East (19 Countries), Africa (54 countries), Asia (48 countries), and Oceania (20 countries). This report is also available for individual countries.
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