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COVID-19 Impact on The Kroger Company

February 2021 | 32 pages | ID: C350DDEDAF09EN

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COVID-19 Impact on The Kroger Company


The Kroger company profile including COVID-19 impact report analyses the financials, key performance indicators, market shares, competitive landscape, additional metrics, news and initiatives of the retailer.

Kroger’s swift response and investment in digital fueled its advantage as demand increased

Higher operating costs and lower margin reflect food focus, and justifies strategies to reduce costs and invest in automation and AI

  • Kroger’s outperforms during the pandemic, and gains share
  • Kroger's major capital investments in digital pays off
  • Digital expansion key component of its growth strategy
  • Use our revised 2021 forecast for Kroger to understand how it will perform this year.
  • Use our charts to review how Kroger's sales are split by region globally and how these regions have been impacted by COVID-19.
  • Use our in-depth analysis to review how Kroger has responded to COVID-19 and how this will affect its performance.
Executive Summary
Sales, market shares
Retail sales
COVID-19 impact by geography
Company sales by product, region, channel, brand
Market share by product and online
Key performance indicators
Competitive landscape
COVID-19 impact scorecard
Financial metrics
Additional metrics
Recruitment trends by geography, volume, growth, theme
Sentiment trends by stock price, filings, news
Methodology, definitions & contacts

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