Omron Medical Device Company Intelligence Report

Date: March 7, 2013
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Omron Medical Device Company Intelligence Report
Omron Corporation, based in Kyoto, Japan, is a global manufacturer of automation components, equipment and systems with advanced computer, communications and control technologies. The company conducts business in over 30 countries around the world and operates through the following business segments:
  • Industrial Automation - manufactures control components and systems including programmable logic controllers, sensors and switches used in automatic systems in industry.
  • Electronic and Mechanical Components - produces electric and electronic components found in such consumer goods as home appliances, as well as such business equipment as telephone systems, vending machines and office equipment.
  • Automotive Electronic Components – develops and produces automotive electronic components and other components for automobiles and automotive electronic components manufacturers throughout the world.
  • Social Systems Solutions – encompasses the sale of card authorisation terminals mainly for the domestic markets. Passing gates, automated ticket machines, electronic panels and terminal displays for traffic information and monitoring purposes are also supplied for the domestic market.
  • Healthcare - manufactures blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, body-fat monitors, nebulisers and infra-red therapy devices aimed at both the consumer and institutional markets.
  • Other - handles search and cultivation of new businesses, and provides products other than the above five business companies, including LCD backlights, semiconductors, MEMS, energy-saving businesses, eco-businesses and electronic devices.
This report focuses on Omron’s Healthcare business, whose business planning and marketing functions were integrated with Omron’s R&D subsidiary, Omron Institute of Life Science, in July 2003 to form an independent, wholly-owned Omron subsidiary, Omron Healthcare Co Ltd. International marketing locations were gradually incorporated into the company's operations in order to capitalise on the rapidly-expanding business opportunities in the medical equipment and healthcare services sectors. In April 2006, Omron Healthcare acquired Colin Medical Technology, through which it gained a range of medical devices for use by healthcare professionals, such as bio-information monitors, in-patient blood pressure monitoring devices and vascular screening devices, which complemented Omron’s home healthcare products. As of April 2012, Omron Healthcare estimated that its digital home blood pressure monitors commanded top market shares, with approximately 60 per cent of the domestic market and 50 per cent of the global market.

Omron Healthcare’s corporate headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, and eight additional sales offices in Japan are responsible for sales and marketing activities in the country, while subsidiary companies cover other geographic regions, including:
  • Omron Healthcare in the US - responsible for the Americas;
  • Omron Healthcare in the Netherlands - focused on Europe, the Middle East and Africa;
  • Omron Dalian - responsible for operations in China; and
  • Omron Healthcare Singapore - responsible for the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.
The company also operates Omron Matsuzaka Corporation (a manufacturing subsidiary based in Japan), a manufacturing facility in Dalian, China and a manufacturing facility in Binh Duong, Vietnam. R&D is conducted in Kyoto, Japan; and Dalian, China.

Omron Healthcare is Omron’s fourth-largest business, generating net sales of ¥62.4 billion in fiscal 2011 (ended 31st March 2012), accounting for 10.1 per cent of the group’s total revenue.

This company report provides

  • Key contact information
  • Introduction to the company and its current activities
  • Summary of its financial performance
  • Who are the company’s major competitors?
  • Key recent events in an “at a glance” format
Financial Review
  • Current year and annual financial data, including revenue breakdowns by product area and geographic region (if available)
  • Table providing in-depth five-year financial analysis
  • Employee data, including breakdown by company division and geographic location
Strategic Focus
Investigates the company’s aims and its areas of focus

Core product areas, key brands, product approvals and launches Research and Development
  • How much has been invested in R&D?
  • Where is the research based?
  • What alliances and agreements does the company have and with whom?
Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Identifying the company’s manufacturing locations
  • Sales and marketing facilities
  • With whom has the company reached agreements and what do they involve?
  • Key contracts awarded
Mergers, Acquisitions, Minority Investments and Divestments


Key Corporate Events


Value Generation 2020
Healthcare Business Strategy
Espicom View


Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Results
Five-Year Financial Data


Blood Pressure Monitors
Sleep Sensors
Body Composition Monitors




Opto Circuits


M&M Medi-Medics
Colin Medical Technology


NTT Docomo
Healthcare Frontier Japan


Blood Cell Analyser Business



Recent Key Events
Omron Corporation - Annual Financial Results, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Omron Corporation - Annual Sales by Business Segment, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Omron Healthcare - Annual Financial Results, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Omron Corporation – Five-Year Financial Summary
Omron Healthcare - Forecast Financial Results, Fiscal Year 2012
Omron - Annual R&D Expenditure, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Agreements Summary
Mergers and Acquisitions Summary


Omron Corporation - Annual Sales and Operating Income, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Omron Corporation - Fiscal Year 2011 Sales by Business Segment
Omron Healthcare - Annual Sales and Operating Income, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
Omron Healthcare - Annual Sales by Geographic Area, Fiscal Years 2007-2011
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Omron Medical Device Company Intelligence Report
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