Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific

Date: November 22, 2011
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Publisher: Espicom Business Intelligence
Report type: Periodicals
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Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific
Identify opportunity, manage risk, and easily evaluate the prospects for Asia Pacific medical markets - all at the click of a mouse! Plus...A FREE iPad 2 for all new customers - The ideal way to view Medistat Interactive!

Creating practical medical market business intelligence on a global scale

Statistics by themselves are of little value. It’s only when they can be used to evaluate a market that they become a valuable planning tool, helping to assess risk, benchmark performance and allocate resources and effort.

For over 30 years, Espicom has been the leader in analysing medical technology markets worldwide. Often imitated though never bettered, Espicom’s reputation as a provider of reliable and thorough market information is well founded and its services are used by leading healthcare companies in more than 50 countries.

Taking medical market analysis to a new level

Combining Espicom’s world-class data with a state-of-the- art analysis tool, Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific takes medical market evaluation to a new level.

Dashboard driven, interactive and rich in graphics, you can easily mobilise key data, immediately compare and contrast key health indicators, infrastructure, medical trade and market data for multiple countries at the click of a button. Track changes to historical/ forecast data, export the data to other programs or create pdfs of charts and tables for inclusion in plans and presentations.

Always current with quarterly updates

Espicom’s constant vigilance and quarterly updates of the market ensures that the data in Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific remains current.

Whether it’s fast access through one of the many pre-defined screens or a specific customised enquiry, you have complete control over the data, making it work quickly for you.

'...Just take a look at what Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator can do for you...'


Primary source medical metrics with 5 years of historical data and original forecast statistics for 2011-2016
Highly detailed import, export and balance of trade statistics by technology areas for 2005-2010
16 markets throughout the region
1 powerful and easy-to-use analysis tool

Key benefits...

Quickly identify trends, opportunities and risks by comparing and contrasting any of the economic, health and trade indicators for any of the markets
A built-in currency converter allows immediate views of values in 11 key currencies
Available as a cost-effective and comprehensive regional collection

Key Benefits and Features

  • Compare Key Indicators

  • How does per capita health spend compare in China and India? What is the forecast growth in the orthopaedics markets in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia? With Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator you can easily compare any statistics for any number of countries.

  • Strategic Insights

  • Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator provides the strategic intelligence to support key investment, business planning and marketing decisions.

  • Market Snapshots

  • Easily review all statistics for a particular market.

  • Benchmarking

  • Assess your company’s performance against actual market figures.

  • Medical Sector Analysis

  • Using actual figures and reliable forecasts, Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator enables you to see market data on specific medical technology areas in the context of other health indicators.

  • Track Trends

  • Use Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator to track trends in past performance and assess future prospects with our unique forecasts for key indicators.

  • Pinpoint Markets

  • Dynamic mapping presents data on maps allowing visual comparison. Access further data direct from the map points.

  • Practical

  • Easily export data to other packages such as MS Excel™, create instant pdfs or copy and paste graphs for use in presentations.

  • Assess the impact of currency exchange

  • Fluctuating currency exchanges create challenges to planners – Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator’s built-in currency converter allows immediate conversion to 11 leading currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc.

  • Interactive and dynamic charting

  • Charts and graphs in Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator refresh as you change parameters. In many cases you can continue to drill down to key data from within the charts as well as the traditional navigation.

  • Complete regional coverage

  • Get a complete picture with Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific with 16 established and emerging markets covered such as China, Japan, India, Vietnam and Australia. A full global service covering 66 markets is also available for those with a worldwide assessment need.

  • Not what you need? Then why not consider a custom build?

  • For highly-specific analysis we can build a service based on your precise needs, incorporating your own data if needed and creating custom views.

    Asia Pacific

    Covering 16 primary and emerging markets in a complete regional package Medistat Interactive Market Evaluator Asia Pacific includes valuable tools to save you time and effort... such as the currency converter! A simple check box means you can view figures in any of the following 11 major currencies – invaluable for assessing foreign exchange impacts on markets.

    US Dollar | Euro | British Pound | Japanese | Yen | Swiss Franc | Danish Krone | Swedish Krona | Brazilian Real | Russian Rouble | Indian Rupee | Chinese Yuan

    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
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