Johnson & Johnson Case Study: Remicade, a Biotech Blockbuster

Date: December 2, 2011
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Remicade is a drug used in treating a variety of immune system diseases, and its active ingredient is produced through biotechnology. Johnson & Johnson reported Remicade sales of $4.6bn in 2010, and the drug is the best-selling "biologic" in the world. This case study examines its long journey from an academic research laboratory to a leading position in the pharmaceutical market.

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In 2010, the world's best-selling biologic drug was Remicade. Since its first regulatory approval in 1998, global sales have increased at double-digit annualized rates.

Remicade has a history that is typical of a biologic drug. It was discovered in academia, and brought to market by a relatively small company called Centocor Biotech. Johnson & Johnson acquired Centocor soon afterwards

Your key questions answered
  • What is a biologic drug?
  • What is the world's best-selling biologic?
  • How does Remicade help pharma companies in their pipeline management?



In 2010, the world's best-selling biologic drug was Remicade
  Biologics are pharmaceutical products made through biotechnology
  2010 global sales of Remicade attained $8 bn
  Johnson & Johnson accounted for more than half of global Remicade sales in 2010
  Merck, Mitsubishi Tanabe, and Xian Janssen also market Remicade
  Johnson & Johnson has recently resolved a dispute with Merck over the distribution of Remicade
Remicade has a history that is typical of a biologic drug
  It was initially made by a team at New York University Medical School
  Additional development was by Centocor Biotech, which is now part of Johnson & Johnson
  Acquisition is a common strategy by which pharmaceutical companies obtain intellectual property
Remicade is "a pipeline in a product"
  Pipeline management is commercially vital for pharmaceutical companies
  Remicade has demonstrated effectiveness against several conditions
The position of Remicade is threatened by substitutes and healthcare cost control
  Other biologic and conventional therapies are substitutes
  Generic biologics are currently not a threat, but for how long?
  Remicade treatment is expensive, and healthcare systems often seek to cut costs


Remicade shows the need for innovation and pipeline management


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Johnson & Johnson Case Study: Remicade, a Biotech Blockbuster
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