iPad in Healthcare: Quantitative Assessment and Qualitative Analysis

Date: August 22, 2010
Pages: 57
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iPad in Healthcare: Quantitative Assessment and Qualitative Analysis
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In this report we analyze iPad in the marketplace including the threat of direct and indirect competition by applying Porter's 5-forced model. The model evaluates key factors including Supplier Power, Barriers to Entry, Buyer Power, and Threat of Substitutes.

The report estimates the adoption of iPad by applying existing data to applicable mathematical models. It then presents the opportunities/challenges currently in the health care sector and discuss the applicability to iPad to provide value. It also provides suggestions and ideas for companies to align their offerings around value and leverage the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

The report includes quantitative forecasts including iPad Annual and Cumulative sales in the USA (2010-2025) based on the Bass model.

Selected Report Benefits:
  • Projections of the Total Available Market for the new generation of tablets
  • Competitive analysis of the iPad versus its competition
  • Analysis of new tablets in the market and in the pipeline
  • The possible products, applications and service offering that can be offered by hospitals and doctors' offices, hardware manufacturers and software developers on the basis on the new generation of tablets
  • The features that are needed for the devices to be used in the healthcare industry (and what iPad is lacking)
  • Healthcare practitioners who want to leverage IT to reduce costs and improve patient care and are trying to determine if iPad or iPad like devices fit into their strategy.
  • Software and hardware developers who want to capitalize on the opportunity the new generation of tablets is providing
  • Data network service providers who want to better understand the demand pull of iPad and similar devices
Sales and Adoption of iPad
Porter's Five Forces Model for iPad in Healthcare
Ideal Device for Healthcare
Value Denials and other Opportunities in Healthcare with iPad
Suitability of iPad for Healthcare
Unsuitability of iPad for Healthcare
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iPad in Healthcare: Quantitative Assessment and Qualitative Analysis
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