Hospital Imaging Census Germany

Date: November 23, 2010
US$ 7,950.00
Publisher: data information intelligence GmbH
Report type: Strategic Report
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Hospital Imaging Census Germany
This is the most comprehensive European market report on the installed base of radiology modality types (General Radiology, Mammography, R&F, Angiography, CT, MRI,) and radiology IT systems (PACS, Teleradiology, Advanced Visualisation, Imaging Data Center, Computer Aided Detection) in European hospitals. Hospitals are periodically surveyed to collect information on installed systems, room configuration, manufacturer of the system, year of installation, lifespan, investment plans, number of examinations and budgets

dii is an international marketing consulting company entirely specialised in healthcare markets providing market information and support to strategic market decisions. In cooperation with key industry a Continuous European Radiology Census has been initiated in 2003 and since than been repeated 2 times with the objective to provide the most comprehensive metrics of installed base and a market development forecast to support strategic business decisions and planning, e.g. to establish realistic sales targets, to develop appropriate marketing arguments, e.g. ROI by number of examinations, to understand the impact of the economic slowdown, to quantify the trend to outsource / privatize imaging activities, to track buying shifts and understand needs regarding digitalization and IT integration and to keep track of competitors activities by understanding installed base, market penetration and market shares or spot interesting players in the market

Countries Covered


Hospital demography & radiology infrastructure per segment
Plans and trends to privatization / outsourcing radiology activities


Installed base, age profile, life span, market shares for 6 modality types
Room configuration by level of digitalization; detail on CR equipment
Investment plans including upgrade potential to digital solutions
Market development forecast
Equipment utilization & contrast media consumption including trends
Available budget per annum for digitalization


Installed base, age profile, life span, market shares – for 5 IT systems
Investment plans including upgrade potential
Market development forecast
Image archiving solutions


Fuji, Agfa, Carestream / Kodak, Philips Medical, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, Stephanix, Konica Minolta, PrimaX, Sedecal, Toshiba Medical, Hitachi, Vepro, EDL, Hologic, IMS, Giotto, Sectra


1. Tabulation per country in Excel addressing all quantitative questions at segment level (hospitals by size and ownership & by type of Image Output (analoge, CR, DR) , including tables and charts, all projections and their basis.
2 WebEx to discuss individual questions and to support interpretations

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Hospital Imaging Census Germany
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