The Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market

Date: January 22, 2011
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The Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market

This report investigates current trends and opportunities affecting decisions on whether or not to outsource drug discovery. Outsourcing to low cost offshore destinations such as China and India are examined in detail. The report also covers a variety of strategic collaborations, academic partnerships and outsourcing opportunities along with case studies.

Features and benefits
  • Develop an informed perspective of the drug discovery process including the role of outsourcing.* Understand the pros and cons of drug discovery outsourcing.* Gain an understanding of the current trends and opportunities in global drug discovery outsourcing market.* Compare the leading ten drug discovery service provider's strategies and capabilities.* Assess China and India as drug discovery outsourcing destinations.

As pharma companies relax their conservatism towards drug discovery outsourcing the market, which was valued at $7.4bn in 2009 is expected to increase to $18.5bn by 2015.Among discovery outsourcing serivces, chemistry services represented the leading category of outsourced drug discovery services generating around $2.9bn in sales, accounting for a market share of 39%. Biological services accounted for $2bn with a market share of 28%, which is expected to increase in the future.The networked pharma model under which companies reduce their footprint of owned facilities in favour of a network of service providers is gaining ground. Virtual companies which outsource almost all research, manufacturing and sales activities are also expected to drive growth in the drug discovery outsourcing market.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the recent trends and opportunities in global drug discovery outsourcing market?* How will drug discovery outsourcing develop in the coming five years?* Which companies will drive the future of global drug discovery outsourcing market?* How is the drug discovery outsourcing market evolving in China and India?* What drug discovery outsourcing strategies are the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies following?
Executive Summary
 Introduction to drug discovery
 The contract drug discovery market
 Competitive landscape of the global drug discovery outsourcing market
 Strategies for drug discovery outsourcing
About the author
Introduction to drug discovery
 The drug discovery process
  Identifying disease targets
  Validation of the target
  Assay development and screening process
  Lead optimization
  The role of CROs in drug discovery
The contract drug discovery market
 Pros and cons of drug discovery outsourcing
  Pros of outsourcing drug discovery
  Cons of outsourcing drug discovery
 Key industry trends
  From transactional to strategic outsourcing
  R&D restructuring in big pharma to create better opportunities for discovery CROs
  Divestiture of drug discovery assets to reduce fixed costs
  The Asia-Pacific region as an emerging location for drug discovery outsourcing
  Rising consolidation in the drug discovery space
  Impact of advances in genomics and pharmacogenomics
  ADMET studies are a strong growth opportunity for drug discovery CROs
 The drug discovery outsourcing market
 Market forecast
 Description of drug discovery technologies
  Drug design
  High-throughput screening (HTS)
  Combinatorial chemistry
  Microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip)
 Drug discovery outsourcing to Asia – a continuing phenomenon
 Drug discovery outsourcing to China: an overview
  Competitive landscape
 Drug discovery outsourcing to India: an overview
  Competitive landscape
Competitive landscape of global drug discovery outsourcing market
 Competitive landscape
  Role of academics in drug discovery
  Capability analysis of key drug discovery outsourcing companies
 Company profiles
  Albany Molecular Research (AMRI)
  Bridge Laboratories
  Caliper Life Sciences
  Charles River Laboratories (CRL)
  Ricerca Biosciences
  WuXi AppTec
Strategies for drug discovery outsourcing
  Strategic outsourcing for greater flexibility and better efficiency
  Consolidation in the drug discovery CRO industry for greater competitiveness
  The “virtual pharma” model is expected to create greater opportunity for discovery CROs
  The evolving networked R&D model to become more popular in the future
 Selected case-studies
  Wyeth and GVK Bio’s drug discovery alliance
  Lilly and Covance’s R&D outsourcing deal
  AstraZeneca and WuXi AppTec’s HTS outsourcing alliance
  Hutchison MediPharma and Lilly, Merck KGaA and Procter & Gamble
  Ranbaxy and GSK’s drug discovery deal
  Nicholas Piramal India Ltd/Lilly and Merck & Co.
  Bristol-Myers Squibb’s research center in Bangalore with Syngene
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The Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market
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