Successful Strategies for Drug Repositioning

Date: April 22, 2011
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Successful Strategies for Drug Repositioning
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This report Highlights how drug repositioning can provide a low-risk approach to drug development. The success of the approach is illustrated by a number of case histories, mostly arising from serendipitous observations. The report illustrates systematic approaches to identify suitable opportunities that should lead to better success including those being pursued by specialist companies.

Features and benefits
  • Analyze and understand the strategies employed in the most successful examples of drug repositioning.
  • Discover the key technologies required to establish potential repositioning opportunities.
  • Identify the specialist service providers with expertise in the key technologies required to systematically identify repositioning candidates.
  • Discover how through repositioning a company can protect its intellectual property.
  • Analyze the potential impact that drug repositioning can have on both large pharma companies and small specialist companies.

The pharma industry's revenue growth is low and it is failing to introduce sufficient new drugs to offset the impact of patent expirations despite record R&D costs. Repurposing of drugs offers a lower risk, lower cost, approach to new product development. Repurposing of development failures can recover what would otherwise be lost R&D expenditure.

The potential commercial benefits from successful repositioning of a drug are likely to be greater than those offered by simple reformulation, and offers opportunities for extended periods of market exclusivity via the granting of additional patents.

Major companies are well positioned to benefit from the successful repurposing of drugs, especially when they utilize both internal resources and external resources. The effective application of repurposing technologies should enable major companies to significantly enhance their development pipelines.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the current advantages of repositioning over other lower risk approaches to drug development?
  • What are the key technologies being used to identify new targets for molecules in companies' databases?
  • How does drug repositioning improve the intellectual property position of companies that employ this strategy?
  • What skills and platforms do specialist companies engaged in drug repositioning possess?
  • How have molecules such as sildenafil and thalidomide been repositioned successfully?

Executive Summary
  Chapter 1 Introduction
  Chapter 2 Lower Risk Strategies
  Chapter 3 What is Repositioning?
  Chapter 4 Strategic Approaches to Repositioning
  Chapter 5 Successful case studies
  Chapter 6 Current Efforts
  Chapter 7 Specialist Companies
  Chapter 8 Outlook
About the author
  The decline in approvals of novel chemical entities
  The costs, and risks, of drug development
Lower Risk Strategies
    Enantiomeric switches
    Active metabolites
What is Repositioning?
    Commercial implications
    Intellectual property issues
    Design or serendipity?
Strategic Approaches to Repositioning
  Chemical space
  New indications
    Phenotypic approaches
    Informatics-based approaches
  Exploiting intellectual property
  Increased licensing opportunities
Succesful case studies
  sildenafil (Viagra and Revatio)
Current Efforts
  Major opportunities
  Rare diseases
  Drugs in advanced development
    Inhaled formulations
    Biological products
    Modified formulations
    Repurposing by combination
    Other approaches
Specialist Companies
  Almac Group
  Ampio Pharmaceuticals
  Anaxomics Biotech
  APT Pharmaceuticals
  Aureus Sciences
  Cypress Bioscience
  Horizon Discovery
  Jenken Biosciences
  Melior Discovery
  NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals
  Ore Pharmaceutical Holdings
  Radical Therapeutix
  SOM Biotech
  Somaxon Pharmaceuticals
  Sosei Group
  SWITCH Biotech
  Tangent Reprofiling
  Impact on major companies
  Impact for specialist companies
  Overall perspective
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Successful Strategies for Drug Repositioning
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