The Drug-Eluting Stent Market Outlook to 2016

Date: March 22, 2011
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The Drug-Eluting Stent Market Outlook to 2016
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The DES market has seen tremendous growth since the introduction of DES in 2003, but the market suffered setbacks in 2007 on the release of clinical data that indicated a link to increased thrombosis. Sales of DES have since stabilized owing to the introduction of novel stents with proven superior therapeutic properties over the traditional bare metal stent.

Features and benefits
  • Assess the major market trends including mergers and acquisitions, and licensing agreements and their impact on the market.
  • Identify the growth strategies of the leading market players and their likely impact on the future DES market.
  • Identify key innovations that will shape the DES market of the future.
  • Gain insight into the influence of the emerging economies in determining the present and future DES market size.
  • Identify emerging companies that are likely to compete in the near future with the leading DES manufacturers.

The DES market has been traditionally characterized by low levels of innovation. However, with the shift in hospital purchasing models from the current sole-supplier model to the capitation pricing model, innovative products are the only ones likely to command premium prices. Thus, this will increase the level of innovation in this segment.

The DES markets in India and China are set to undergo growth in the next five years, concurrent with the improvement of the economies of these two countries and the introduction of the ‘Healthy China 2020’ plan. However, leading players face stiff competition from local companies in these regions.

Hospitals are currently entering into preferred-supplier agreements whereby they source their medical device requirements from one or two preferred suppliers to leverage volume-based discounts. This puts large suppliers such as Boston Scientific in an advantageous position as they can cater to consolidated spend categories.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the innovations being made in DES technology which of these offers significant potential for future growth?
  • What are the key industry trends in terms of mergers and acquisitions and contractual and licensing agreements between buyers and suppliers?
  • What are the key regulations in the DES segment and what is the possible impact of new DES technology on the product approval process?
  • How have the leading players built a strong position in the DES market and what are their future growth strategies?
  • Who are the emerging players in the DES market, what threat do they pose, and what are their business expansion strategies?

Executive Summary
About Business Insights
Overview of the global drug-eluting stents market
  DES market landscape
  Innovations in the DES market
  Key players in the DES market
Overview of the global drug-eluting stents market
  Position of DES within the cardiac device market
  Evolution of DES
  Advantage of DES
  Market size and forecasts of DES
    Historical market size and forecasts
    Geographical segmentation
  Epidemiology of major cardiovascular diseases
  Adoption trends in cardiovascular procedures
  Growth drivers
    Increased adoption by physicians owing to prevention of late in-stent restenosis
    Decreased need for repeat procedures
    Demographics – rise in the mean age of the population
    Lifestyle changes – increased prevalence of obesity
  Growth resistors
    High cost of DES compared with BMS
    Release of adverse clinical data pertaining to late stent thrombosis
    Release of COURAGE data indicating no significant advantage of DES over BMS
    Problems associated with Medicare reimbursement of DES
  Regulatory changes impacting the DES market
DES market landscape
  Market trends
    Mergers and acquisitions
    Important mergers and acquisitions by leading players
    Mergers, acquisitions, and co-exclusivity agreements among emerging players
    Preferred supplier agreements
    Increased importance of emerging countries
  Pricing of DES
    Historical prices of DES and trends
    Future trends in pricing
    Pricing in emerging economies
    US Medicare Part A reimbursement costs of DES
  Cost-effectiveness of DES versus BMS
  Licensing agreements between pharmaceutical companies and DES manufacturers
Innovations in the DES market
  Factors driving innovation
  Major innovations
    Innovations in the polymer component of DES
    Drug-coated balloons
    Bifurcation stenting
    Self-expandable DES
    Development of DES with a two-drug offering
  Drugs used in DES
  New product approvals
    FDA approvals
    CE mark approvals
    Nevo sirolimus-eluting stent (Johnson & Johnson)
    Promus and Taxus everolimus-eluting element stents (Boston Scientific)
    Taxus Petal paclitaxel-eluting stent (Boston Scientific)
    Odyssey (Boston Scientific)
    XIENCE Nano (Abbott labs)
    Protex coronary stent system (Nexeon MedSystems)
    CoroflexDEBlue stent (B. Braun Melsungen)
Key players in the DES market
  Relative positioning of the leading market participants
    Boston Scientific
    Abbott Laboratories
    Cordis (Johnson & Johnson)
    Product growth and share snapshot
  Emerging players
    Relative positioning of the emerging market participants
    Opto Circuits
    Sahajanand Medical Technologies
    Blue Medical Devices
    Biosensors International
    MicroPort Scientific
    Orbus-Neich Medical
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The Drug-Eluting Stent Market Outlook to 2016
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