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Automotive Connected Vehicle Technologies - Global Sector Overview and Forecast to 2035 (Q1 2021 Update)

March 2021 | 174 pages | ID: A0D1B14534A0EN

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Automotive Connected Vehicle Technologies - Global Sector Overview and Forecast to 2035 (Q1 2021 Update)


The World is moving towards a global network of connected products called The Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting products allows data about the way in which they are used, the locations, the frequency, the demographics of the users to be collected. It is here that the value lies. Big Data can better steer product design, environmental design and ‘optimise’ the way we use our time, money and effort.

The car makes up just one aspect of this network. Data collected in this way is also informing marketing strategies and it is in this area that the activity is coming under more and more intense scrutiny and criticism. Although the Big Data aspect of IoT is where the likely revenue streams are, there is also arguably benefits to the consumers for having a'friction-minimised' lifestyle. Where it can be, effort to switch from one task to another is reduced.

Though it can hardly be doubted that technology has revolutised the way we live our lives, some of the claimed benefits have strong counter arguments, given the phase of relearning required in many instances to do basic tasks. Where the new learning adds another layer of safety, particularly in the field of automotive, it is more difficult to dismiss the requisite upskilling.

However, there is a train of thought that some digitalisation is over-applied, often no clearer example can be seen than in the cabin of a vehicle, where a volume control dial has been switched out for touch-sensitive buttons.

Though automation, electrification and connectivity continue to be mega trends in the automotive industry, there are key concerns within these topics, namely that of security, infrastructure and cost. The very nature of networked products means interconnection and thus inter-reliance. The current communications infrastructure needs mobilisation of 5G roadmaps, which integrates the needs of the mobility sector. Similarly, current security measures will capitalise on the developing artificial intelligence technologies in order to prevent malicious attacks upon connected vehicles.

All that said, the technology juggernaut has no intention of stopping now and so we are embarking on a period of finding solutions for self-created problems. Networking will help offer different avenues to the most appropriate solution, based on the issue of the day.

The report “Automotive Connected Vehicle Technologies - Global Sector Overview and Forecast to 2035 (Q1 2021 Update)” provides comprehensive overview of the Global Automotive Connected Vehicle Technology sector, major suppliers, top 14 markets, technology trends and connected vehicle market size forecasts.

*The top 14 connected vehicle markets accounting for over 98% of global light vehicle production include:

North America (US, Canada and Mexico); Mercosur (Brazil and Argentina); Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Morocco); Central Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia); Russia; Japan; China; India; Korea; Thailand; Other Asia; Iran; South Africa; Australia.


Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global connected vehicle market study includes -
  • Automotive OE Smartphone and Embedded Connectivity market size estimates for the top 14* markets.
  • A review of the latest technological developments and market trends in the Connected Vehicle sector (including Smart Cars, Car Telematics, Tracking and Diagnostics, Satellite Navigation, Automotive Connectivity Apps, Autonomous Driving, Car Sharing and Car Clubs' Use Of Telematics, E-call Emergency Assist, Electric Vehicles Case Studies, Next-Generation Services and Technologies including Self Driving Cars, Touchpad Tech, Car Connectivity, Plus Car-To-X - The Communication Platform of the future).
  • Country share data tables and commentary for the top 14* markets.
  • Exclusive interviews with OE connected vehicle technology suppliers including Symphony Teleca, WillowTree Apps, Harman, TomTom, WirelessCar, Delphi.
  • Updated profiles of the major VM applications.
  • Market size forecasts for the top 14* markets.
  • Sector PESTER (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Regulatory) analysis.
  • Gain a quick overview of the automotive connected vehicle sector globally.
  • Understand the size and scope of the world's top 14 markets.
  • Hear direct from leading connected vehicle companies on their strategies and plans.
  • Review the latest and most significant technological developments.
  • Know the key trends within the connected vehicle sector and what's driving them.
  • Spot opportunities and threats in this sector.
  • Establish key companies' latest activities and prospects.
  • Prepare supply and demand forecasts.
  • Produce internal sales plans and forecasts.
  • Carry out competitive intelligence.
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Market volumes of smartphone and embedded connectivity units fitted to newly-assembled light vehicles, 2014-2034, ('000s units)

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