Transforming Courts, Prisons And Probation - The Criminal Justice ICT Market to 2016

Date: February 9, 2013
Pages: 57
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Product Synopsis

This report is structured by considering an overview of the entire sector, moving into more detail around the courts and tribunals systems, then the prisons and probation services. This follows the way in which the sector broadly organizes itself. In each case we start with the justice system of England and Wales, moving then to the separate justice systems of the devolved governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Introduction and Landscape

This report provides detailed data and analysis on the UK Criminal Justice ICT market in 2011-12. It provides both tactical and strategic users insights into the usage of ICT across the courts and tribunals systems, prisons and probation services. Bringing together Kable's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. Allowing companies to identify the market dynamics that account for ICT market and which categories and segments will see growth in the coming years.

Key Features and Benefits

Criminal justice: including courts and tribunal systems, offender management systems including prisons and probation trusts, and the devolved governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Key Market Issues
  • Gain insight into the UK Criminal Justice ICT market.
  • Gain knowledge on the developments and upcoming procurement opportunities over a five year period to 2016-17.
  • Provides forecasts for ICT spending across hardware, software, services, communications and staff, which includes spending on ICT outsourcing.
Key Highlights

This report explores the ICT market in the UK justice system, its current state, its drivers and its evolution. It provides a current sizing of the ICT market and provides a forecast of expenditure for the next five years. The UK justice sector is large in scale and complex in nature, and the report takes in all points from the charging of a suspect, through of prosecution and sentencing, prisons, release and probation, and (potentially) reoffending. Policing and crime detection are excluded and are dealt with in separate Kable reports.

1.1 ICT opportunities and key procurement programmes
1.2 Structure of this report


2.1 Overview
  2.1.1 England and Wales
  2.1.2 Scotland
  2.1.3 Northern Ireland
2.2 Courts and Tribunals
  2.2.1 England and Wales
  2.2.2 Scotland
  2.2.3 Northern Ireland
2.3 Prisons and Probation
  2.3.1 England and Wales
  2.3.2 Scotland
  2.3.3 Northern Ireland


3.1 Aims
  3.1.1 Save approximately 20% over four years
  3.1.2 Transform to deliver efficient services
  3.1.3 Maintain security
3.2 Context and challenges
  3.2.1 Caseloads, prison population and reoffending rates remain high
  3.2.2 Reduced budgets and headcounts
  3.2.3 Uncertain job security
  3.2.4 Inflexible and centralised ICT
  3.2.5 Costly to develop ICT
3.3 Opportunity areas for ICT
  3.3.1 Making offenders and case-related information flow through the system
  3.3.2 Paperless office technologies
  3.3.3 Productivity solutions to automate administration
  3.3.4 Commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) and clouds
  3.3.5 More flexible security solutions
  3.3.6 Remote and mobile working
  3.3.7 Locally devised solutions


4.1 MoJ ICT strategic priorities and challenges
4.2 Pan-MOJ ICT initiatives
  4.2.1 Shared services
  4.2.2 Cloud computing
  4.2.3 Investment in shared services and cloud computing
4.3 Courts ICT systems and initiatives
  4.3.1 Updates to courts' and tribunals' ICT systems
  4.3.2 DARTS for Courts
  4.3.3 Virtual courts and prison video links for court appearances
  4.3.4 Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Transforming Through Technology - “T3”
4.4 Prison ICT systems and initiatives
  4.4.1 Updates to prison and probation IT systems
  4.4.2 NOMIS updates
  4.4.3 OASys-R
  4.4.4 National Delius case management system
  4.4.5 My Vision prison rostering system
4.5 Scotland
4.6 Northern Ireland


5.1 Key findings
5.2 Current size of the ICT market
  5.2.1 Criminal justice expenditure is highly centralised
5.3 Forecast ICT expenditure 2011-12 to 2015-16
  5.3.1 Overview
5.4 Product and services breakdown
  5.4.1 Hardware
  5.4.2 Software
  5.4.3 Services
  5.4.4 Communications
  5.4.5 ICT staff
5.5 Key ICT outsourcing contracts and suppliers
5.6 Procurement
  5.6.1 Centralised control over spending
5.7 Supplier options


6.1 Methodology
6.2 MOJ data sources and data quality
  6.2.1 County courts (non-family)
  6.2.2 Family courts
  6.2.3 Crown court
  6.2.4 Magistrates' courts


Figure 1: MoJ key organisations and their planned net departmental expenditure limits (DEL) for 2011-12
Figure 2: Key organisations and delivery channels within the MoJ
Figure 3: Scottish Justice Directorate structure and funding flow
Figure 4: Structure and funding flow of the Northern Ireland Department of Justice
Figure 5: The strategic context for criminal justice ICT
Figure 6: Short and medium term opportunities from ICT initiatives across criminal justice
Figure 7: Key current IT systems in use across courts, tribunals and the CPS
Figure 8: Key IT systems in use across prisons and probation services
Figure 9: Split of ICT spend by product and service category across the criminal justice sector for 2010-11
Figure 10: UK criminal justice ICT market by country
Figure 11: Annual expenditure within the top 10 IT outsourcing contracts for 2009-10
Figure 12: Criminal justice ICT expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 13: Criminal justice ICT expenditure, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 14: ICT Hardware expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 15: ICT Software expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 16: ICT Services expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 17: ICT Communications expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 18: ICT Staff expenditure forecast, 2011-12 to 2015-16
Figure 19: MoJ ICT outsourcing contracts and their suppliers
Figure 20: ICT outsourcing contracts held and managed by the CPS
Figure 21: Key ICT outsourcing contracts in Scotland and Northern Ireland


CandW, Serco, Sodexo, Com:pact, A4E, Mitie, Accenture, Steria, Savvis, Logica, CGI, Global Crossing, Level 3, HP, EDS, Atos, Liberata, Fujitsu, CACI, o2, Gartner, HPES, IBM, McKesson, Procserve, Midland Software,
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Transforming Courts, Prisons And Probation - The Criminal Justice ICT Market to 2016
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