The Private Health Insurance Market in India

Date: May 22, 2011
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The Private Health Insurance Market in India

The report presents a detailed examination of India’s nascent private health insurance sector, exploring the market structure, the key trends and the main opportunities. In doing so, it sets the private health insurance sector in the context of the wider health insurance market, which is relevant because privately-owned insurance companies often participate in both the private and social sectors.

Features and benefits
  • Gain an insight into how India's private health insurance sector relates to the wider social insurance sector.
  • Understand the mechanics of the healthcare delivery chain, from insurers to third party administrators (TPAs) to healthcare provider networks.
  • Identify key health insurance competitors (which includes both private and state-owned companies).
  • Understand the latest trends in terms of pricing and procurement, and thereby avoid the pitfalls that have befallen a number of insurers.
  • Gain an awareness of the main challenges that must be overcome in order for private insurance companies to achieve their full potential.

Despite the rapid expansion of the private health insurance market in recent years, it covers less than 3% of the population, and many consumers remain unaware of the benefits of private health insurance. India's private health insurance market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 25-30% over the next five years.

The market is likely to become much more competitive in future, with a growing number of foreign insurance companies likely to form joint-ventures with Indian partners.

A severe lack of data on consumers and disease patterns has prevented insurers from offering the same type of innovative policies that are available in developed markets. A high claims ratio, combined with problems in the supply chain, has made it difficult for health insurers to make a profit in the short term.

Your key questions answered
  • What percentage of the population is covered by the various health insurance schemes (both private and social) that operate in India?
  • What are the prospects for future growth in India's private health insurance market?
  • Who are the main players in India's private health insurance market?
  • What are the main pitfalls for companies operating in India's private health insurance market?
  • How do the mechanics of the market work?
Executive Summary
  The private health insurance market in context
  Market progression
  Products and services
  Procurement, pricing and expenditure
  Corporate environment
  Challenges and opportunities
About the author
The private health insurance market in context
  RSBY scheme
    RSBY hospitals
    Expansion of RSBY scheme
    New scheme to replace CGHS?
  Other social schemes
  Jan Aushadhi
  Private health insurance (big picture)
Market progression
  Genesis of insurance industry
    Regulatory background
    Emergence of health insurance market
  Market structure
  Vertical integration
  Sales progression
Products and services
  Product/service types
    Recent innovations
  New vistas
    HIV coverage
Procurement, pricing, and expenditure
  Private sector procurement
  Public sector procurement
  Drug pricing framework
  Expenditure profile
  Overcharging allegations
    Medical association denies overcharging
  Impact on insurers
    Group policies lead to large losses
  Cost containment measures
    Case study: Price increases by Reliance General Insurance
  Preferred Provider Network
    Resistance to PPN
    PPN expansion
  Change to TPA landscape
    PSUs plan new JV TPA
    Private insurers’ relationship with TPAs
Corporate environment
  Recent trends
  Profile of Star Health and Allied Insurance
    Health insurance products (private sector)
  Profile of Max Bupa Health Insurance
    Health insurance products
  Profile of United India Insurance
    Health insurance products
Oportunities, issues and challenges
  Issues and challenges
    Consumer awareness
    Financial pressures
    Competitive environment
  Exchange rates
  List of insurance companies
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The Private Health Insurance Market in India
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