Iran Insurance Report Q4 2015

Date: August 5, 2015
Pages: 78
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BMI View: Over 2015 we anticipate that the Iranian insurance sector as a whole will contract by nearly 15% in part due to a weak economic forecast. This is largely down to continued uncertainty over Iran's rapprochement with the West and low oil prices. Over the rest of the forecast period growth should pick up as the economy as a whole improves. Growth is likely to be largely driven by basic, compulsory lines including motor and health.

As with many regional markets the non-life segment is relatively large compared to its life counterpart; it will remain the key source of growth for the sector as a whole. Compulsory motorists' third party insurance (CMPTL) and health insurance remain by far the dominant lines. These will constitute the greatest driving forces behind the increase in premiums over 2015. Motor insurance will be driven by the high demand for automobiles, which we anticipate to remain strong given the lack of investment in public transport and the low oil prices. In addition, health insurance should remain a dominant line as the state looks to offset the high costs of public healthcare by encouraging citizens to seek private health solutions. Moreover, a combination of an increase in the number of over 65s and a rise in the collective wealth of the middle class may give the sub-sector an additional source of growth.
BMI Industry View
Operational Risk
Industry Forecast
Life Premiums Forecasts
Life Premiums
  Table: Gross Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Net Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Reinsurance Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
Life Claims
  Table: Life Insurance Claims (Iran 2007-2013)
Key Drivers
  Table: Life Expectancy by Gender (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Demographic Breakdown (Iran 2012-2019)
Non-Life Premiums Forecasts
  Table: Gross Non-Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Net Non-Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Reinsurance Non-Life Premiums Written (Iran 2012-2019)
Non-Life Claims
  Table: Non-Life Insurance Claims (Iran 2007-2013)
  Table: Non-Life Insurance Claims by Line (Iran 2007-2012)
Non-Life Sub-Sector Forecasts
  Table: Non-Life % Breakdown (Iran 2012-2019)
Motor Vehicle And Transport Insurance
  Table: Motor Vehicle Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Transport Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Insurance Key Drivers, Freight Tonnage (Iran 2012-2019)
Property Insurance
  Table: Property Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
Health And Personal Accident Insurance
  Table: Health Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Insurance Key Drivers, Private Health Expenditure (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Personal Accident Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
General Liability And Credit Insurance
  Table: General Liability Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
  Table: Credit/Financial Guarantee Insurance (Iran 2012-2019)
Insurance Risk/Reward Index
MENA Insurance Risk/Reward Index
  Table: MENA Insurance Risk/Reward Index
Market Overview
Product Offering
Competitive Landscape
Non-Life Market Overview
Product Offering
Competitive Landscape
Company Profile
Bimeh Alborz
Bimeh Asia
Bimeh Dana
Bimeh Iran
Parsian Insurance
Demographic Forecast
  Table: Population Headline Indicators (Iran 1990-2025)
  Table: Key Population Ratios (Iran 1990-2025)
  Table: Urban/Rural Population And Life Expectancy (Iran 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group (Iran 1990-2025)
  Table: Population By Age Group % (Iran 1990-2025)
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  Table: Indicators
  Table: Weighting of Indicators
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Iran Insurance Report Q4 2015
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