Non-Metallic Minerals in Norway to 2015: Market Profile

Date: August 22, 2011
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  • Top level overview of the Norway mining industry
  • Analysis of non-metallic minerals in the Norway mining industry
  • Details of top companies active across the Norway mining industry


ICD Research's Non-Metallic Minerals in Norway to 2015: Market Profile is an essential source of information on market opportunities adopted to gain market share in the Norway mining industry.

In particular, it offers in-depth analysis of the following:
  • Market opportunity and attractiveness: Detailed analysis of current market size and growth expectations during 2010–15. It highlights key drivers to help understand growth dynamics. It also benchmarks the sector against key global markets and provides detailed understanding of emerging opportunities in specific areas.
  • Procurement dynamics: Trend analysis of exports and imports, along with their implications and impact on the Norway mining industry.
  • Industry structure: Five forces analysis to understand various power centers in the industry and how they are likely to develop in the medium term.

  • Analysis of mining industry production from 2004 through 2009 and forecasts till 2015
  • Analysis of market size and production trend analysis for the non-metallic minerals segment
  • Mining equipment market size and forecast
  • End use market dynamics
  • Benchmarking with key global markets
  • Market opportunities
  • Mining import and export dynamics
  • Industry dynamics: Five forces analysis of non-metallic minerals

Reasons To Buy
  • Get insight into the Norway mining industry with current, historic and forecast production of non-metallic minerals
  • Get insight into the market opportunity and attractiveness
  • Get insight into the industry import and export dynamics
  • Identify top companies in the Norway mining industry along with profiles on those companies

1.1 About this report
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Methodology
  1.3.1 Secondary research
  1.3.2 Primary research
  1.3.3 Conventions
1.4 About ICD Research Mining Intelligence Centre


2.1 Mining Industry Market Size and Forecast
  2.1.1 Norway’s mining production to record a CAGR of 2.1% during the forecast period
  2.1.2 Value of mining output registered a CAGR of 9% during the review period
  2.1.3 Domestic demand from manufacturing, infrastructure and power generation will drive future growth in consumption of minerals
2.2 Market Share and Production Trend Analysis by Category
  2.2.1 Non-metallic minerals category expected to dominate the Norwegian mining market during the forecast period
  2.2.2 Crushed rock production set to increase with a CAGR of 3% during the forecast period


3.1 Key Trends and Drivers
  3.1.1 Mining exploration represents a key emerging area for investments
  3.1.2 Norway has emerged as an attractive destination for mining industry FDI
  3.1.3 Norway has attracted minor investment from mining firms


4.1 Import Dynamics
  4.1.1 Increased packaged food consumption makes Norway a net importer of salt
4.2 Export Dynamics
  4.2.1 Hard rock aggregate exports to increase at a CAGR of 2% during the review period


5.1 Five Forces Analysis: Non Metallic Minerals
  5.1.1 Bargaining power of supplier: low to medium
  5.1.2 Bargaining power of buyer: medium to high
  5.1.3 Barrier to entry: low to medium
  5.1.4 Intensity of rivalry: high
  5.1.5 Threat of substitution: low


6.1 Competitive Landscape: Overview
  6.1.1 Entry of foreign companies in the market leading to increased competition in the industry
  6.1.2 Mining equipment market is dominated by leading foreign companies
6.2 Key Foreign Companies
  6.2.1 Northern Iron: overview
  6.2.2 Northern Iron: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.2.3 Northern Iron: products and services
  6.2.4 Northern Iron: reserves
  6.2.5 Northern Iron: alliances
  6.2.6 Northern Iron: recent contract wins
  6.2.7 Northern Iron: financial analysis
  6.2.8 Blackstone: overview
  6.2.9 Blackstone: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.2.10 Blackstone: products and services
  6.2.11 Blackstone: reserves
  6.2.12 Blackstone: alliances
  6.2.13 Blackstone: recent contract wins
  6.2.14 Blackstone: financial analysis
  6.2.15 Sibelco Nordic AS: overview
  6.2.16 Sibelco Nordic AS: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.2.17 Sibelco Nordic AS: products and services
  6.2.18 Sibelco Nordic AS: reserves
  6.2.19 Sibelco Nordic AS: alliance
  6.2.20 Sibelco Nordic AS: recent contract wins
  6.2.21 Sibelco Nordic AS: financial analysis
  6.2.22 Norcem: overview
  6.2.23 Norcem: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.2.24 Norcem: products and services
  6.2.25 Norcem: reserves
  6.2.26 Norcem: alliance
  6.2.27 Norcem: recent contract wins
  6.2.28 Norcem: financial analysis
6.3 Key Domestic Companies
  6.3.1 Store Norske: overview
  6.3.2 Store Norske: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.3 Store Norske: products and services
  6.3.4 Store Norske: reserves
  6.3.5 Store Norske: alliances
  6.3.6 Store Norske: recent contract wins
  6.3.7 Store Norske: financial analysis
  6.3.8 Nordic Mining ASA: overview
  6.3.9 Nordic Mining ASA: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.10 Nordic Mining ASA: products and services
  6.3.11 Nordic Mining ASA: reserves
  6.3.12 Nordic Mining ASA: alliances
  6.3.13 Nordic Mining ASA: recent contract wins
  6.3.14 Nordic Mining ASA: financial analysis
  6.3.15 Intex Resources: overview
  6.3.16 Intex Resources: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.17 Intex Resources: products and services
  6.3.18 Intex Resources: reserves
  6.3.19 Intex Resources: alliances
  6.3.20 Intex Resources: recent contract wins
  6.3.21 Intex Resources: financial analysis
  6.3.22 Metallica Mining: overview
  6.3.23 Metallica Mining: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.24 Metallica Mining: products and services
  6.3.25 Metallica Mining: reserves
  6.3.26 Metallica Mining: alliances
  6.3.27 Metallica Mining: recent contract wins
  6.3.28 Metallica Mining: financial analysis
  6.3.29 Elkem: overview
  6.3.30 Elkem: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.31 Elkem: products and services
  6.3.32 Elkem: reserves
  6.3.33 Elkem: alliances
  6.3.34 Elkem: recent contract wins
  6.3.35 Elkem: financial analysis
  6.3.36 Franzefoss AS: overview
  6.3.37 Franzefoss AS: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.3.38 Franzefoss AS: products and services
  6.3.39 Franzefoss AS: reserves
  6.3.40 Franzefoss AS: alliance
  6.3.41 Franzefoss AS: recent contract wins
  6.3.42 Franzefoss AS: financial analysis
6.4 Key Mining Equipment Companies
  6.4.1 Atlas Copco Norway: overview
  6.4.2 Atlas Copco Norway: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.4.3 Atlas Copco Norway: products and services
  6.4.4 Atlas Copco Norway: reserves
  6.4.5 Atlas Copco Norway: alliance
  6.4.6 Atlas Copco Norway: recent contract wins
  6.4.7 Atlas Copco Norway: financial analysis
  6.4.8 Pon-Cat: overview
  6.4.9 Pon-Cat: recent announcements and strategic initiatives
  6.4.10 Pon-Cat: products and services
  6.4.11 Pon-Cat: reserves
  6.4.12 Pon-Cat: alliance
  6.4.13 Pon-Cat: recent contract wins
  6.4.14 Pon-Cat: financial analysis


7.1 Contact Us
7.2 About ICD Research
7.3 Disclaimer


Table 1: Investments by key companies in 2009 -10
Table 2: Norwegian Mining Industry Competitive Landscape
Table 3: Northern Iron - Recent Contract Wins
Table 4: Blackstone: Proven Reserves
Table 5: Blackstone: Probable Reserves - Norway
Table 6: Blackstone - Alliances
Table 7: Store Norske: Probable Reserves
Table 8: Nordic Mining ASA - Alliances
Table 9: Intex Resources: Proven Reserves
Table 10: Franzefoss AS - Alliances
Table 11: Atlas Copco- Alliances


Figure 1: Norwegian Mining Industry Production and Forecast (Million Tons), 2004-15
Figure 2: Norwegian Mining Industry Production and Forecast (US$ Billion), 2004-09
Figure 3: Norwegian Mining Industry Market Share of Production Volume by Type of Mineral (%), 2009 and 2015
Figure 4: Norwegian Mining Industry Production Volume Trend - Crushed Rock (Million Tons), 2004-15
Figure 5: Norwegian Mining Industry Production Volume Trend- Sand and Gravel (Million Tons), 2004-15
Figure 6: Norwegian Mining Exploration Spend (US$ Million), 2006-08
Figure 7: Trends in Norwegian Major Non-Metallic Mineral Imports (Million Tons), 2004-15
Figure 8: Trends in Major Norwegian Non-Metallic Mineral Exports (Million Tons), 2004-15
Figure 9: Norwegian Mining Industry Dynamics - Non-Metallic Minerals
Figure 10: Northern Iron - Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-09
Figure 11: Northern Iron - Operating Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-09
Figure 12: Northern Iron - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-09
Figure 13: Store Norske - Revenue Trend Analysis, FY 2005-09
Figure 14: Store Norske - Net Profit Trend Analysis, FY 2005-09
Figure 15: Nordic Mining ASA- Revenue Trend Analysis, FY 2007-2009
Figure 16: Nordic Mining ASA - Operating Profit Trend Analysis, 2006-2009
Figure 17: Nordic Mining ASA - Net Profit Trend Analysis, 2006-2009
Figure 18: Intex Resources - Revenue Trend Analysis, FY 2007-08
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