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Tyro - Competitor Profile

April 2021 | 15 pages | ID: TD5C9BD7303BEN

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Tyro - Competitor Profile


Founded in 2003, Tyro Payments is an Australia-based neobank and the first EFTPOS provider in the country since 1996. Tyro offers payment solutions through bank accounts, loans, and deposits. One of its main activities is EFTPOS acquiring focused on SMEs. It also offers online payment acceptance through its eCommerce platform. In addition, Tyro offers Tyro Connect, an integration hub that allows hospitality businesses to connect their menus, orders, and payments in a single app.

The company has operated as a bank since August 2015, and its main focus is offering credit and payment services to SMEs. This focus was pushed even further in December 2019 when it acquired a stake in payment service provider me&u, thus extending its services to even more hospitality and restaurant businesses. Another important milestone was its merchant acquiring alliance with one of Australia's largest retail banks, Bendigo Bank, in October 2020. As part of the agreement Tyro is set to deploy 26,000 POS terminals by the end of 2021, which will further increase its terminal fleet in the nation.

Tyro had a successful initial public offering (IPO) in December 2019 when it listed on the ASX, raising $287.2m. Through various partnerships, the company has managed to build a strong reputation and presence among Australian SMEs in various industries, ranging from hospitality to small medical practices.

The report provides information and insights into Tyro including -
  • Detailed insight into its business
  • Comprehensive coverage of its products and services
  • Comparative assessment with key competitors
  • Information on its performance, including its revenue model
  • The company's important events and milestones
  • Tyro was founded in Australia in 2003.
  • Tyro has operated as a bank since August 2015.
  • Tyro had a successful initial public offering (IPO) in December 2019 when it listed on the ASX, raising $287.2m.
  • In October 2020, Tyro Entered a long-term merchant acquiring partnership with Bendigo Bank.
  • Gain insights into Tyro's business operations and key events.
  • Gain insights into its product portfolio and revenue model.
  • Assess the competitive dynamics in the payments industry by comparing its performance against competitors.
Performance Highlights
Revenue Model
Products & Services
Significant Events
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