North American Packaging Paper Study and Opportunity Assessment

Date: July 23, 2010
Pages: 96
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North American Packaging Paper Study and Opportunity Assessment

BDA announces a new study of the North American Packaging Papers Market. This major market segment accounts for approximately 3.9 million tons annually and producer sales of about $4.0 billion in 2009 in the US market.

The in-depth study contains 96 pages of insightful content and 74 tables and charts. This first ever study takes a new look at the category and breaks it down into 10 major paper application categories and 9 market / product segments (see sidebar). In all, the study segments the total volume across over 100 sub segments and provides individual forecasts and analyses of major trends and developments that drive demand.

The study uses 2009 as the base year and includes projections to 2014 and historical perspective from 2004. The primary focus is on the US / NA market with particular emphasis on paper—based packaging materials.

Analysis and Scope

Major trends and developments within these segments are analyzed in detail and in the context of the overall drivers of category demand. The scope of the analysis includes the following:

- Demand and growth trends by segment (2004, 2009, 2014)
- Demand drivers and reducers by segment
- Current / emerging technologies and market developments
- Major opportunities and threats by segment
- Competitor shares by segment
- Major processes, paper grades, and fibers employed
- Price levels by grade and application
- Supply chain implications and conclusions.

Major Paper / Market Segments (# Sub segments)

- Paper Application (10)
- Paper Grade (7)
- Printing Process (8)
- Surface Treatments (6)
- Primary Fiber Type (2)
- Regional Volume (7)
- End Use Product Category (19)
- Distribution Channel (9)

Applications (# of Sub segments)

- Kraft bags (5)
- Multiwall bags (6)
- Industrial wrapping (6)
- Foodservice papers (5)
- Food processing papers (8)
- Label face stock (6)
- Release base papers (8)
- Paper tags (4)
- Single-ply packaging papers (6)
- Multi-ply packaging papers (5)

Study Exhibits

Over 100 individual segments within this large and dynamic market have been quantified and analyzed relative to demand, growth, producer shares, trends, developments, drivers, opportunities, and risks. The following table provides the list of 74 tables and charts that are included in the report.

Study Methodology

This study is based on a wide range of data sources and analytical techniques. Information sources include:
- Personal interviews and discussions with industry supply chain members including end users, converters, paper producers, merchants, suppliers, and other intermediaries and industry observers.
- Retail store, warehouse, commercial channel field visits
- Government census, economic, trade, and manufacturer surveys and databases
- Industry information sources including trade journals, associations, company websites, product releases, published studies and surveys, association data, and other publicly available information
- Internal databases, analysis, and direct industry / professional experience.

BDA Qualifications / Expertise

BDA’s principal, Frank Perkowski, has over 30 years of experience within the paper and packaging industry in senior marketing positions. This includes direct experience in packaging, paper, and paperboard markets and over twelve years as an industry-focused management consultant. As a consultant, Frank has worked on over 200 consulting assignments helping industry clients solve a wide range of business and market-related problems.

A. Study Objective
B. Scope
C. Methodology
D. BDA Qualifications
E. Data / Liability Limitations


A. Flexible Packaging Market Overview
B. Paper Packaging Segments
C. Market Segment Size and Growth Rates
A. Overall Observations and Conclusions
D. Outlook


A. Flexible Packaging Market Overview
B. Paper Packaging Segments
C. Packaging Paper Growth Trends
D. Demand Breakdown by Key Dimension
E. Technology Developments and Potential
F. Role of Specialty Papers in Paper Packaging Applications


A. Kraft Bag Papers
B. Multiwall Bag Papers
C. Industrial Wrapping Papers
D. Foodservice Wrapping Papers
E. Food Processing Papers
F. Packaging Tag Papers
G. Single Ply Packaging Papers
H. Multi Ply Packaging Papers
I. Label Face Stock Papers
J. Release Base Papers


A. Overall Observations and Conclusions
B. Major Opportunities
C Potential Risks
D. Business Outlook


Figure 2-1 US Packaging Segments 9 Figure 4-7 Multiwall Bag Paper Producers
Figure 2-2 Paper Share of Total Flexible Packaging by Segment 10 Figure 4-8 Multiwall Bag Paper Segmentation
Figure 2-3 Total Packaging and Paper Component Costs by Major Grade
Figure 4-9 Industrial Wrapping Paper Applications
Figure 2-4 Historic Volumes by Major Paper Grade 12 Figure 4-10 Industrial Wrapping Paper Application Details
Figure 2-5 Major Demand Drivers and Reducers 13 Figure 4-11 Industrial Wrapping Paper Producers
Figure 2-6 Segment Size and Growth Rate Summary 16 Figure 4-12 Industrial Wrapping Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-1 US Packaging Segments 17 Figure 4-13 Foodservice Wrapping Paper Applications
Figure 3-2 Paper Share of Total Flexible Packaging by Segment 18 Figure 4-14 Foodservice Wrapping Paper Application Details
Figure 3-3 Total Packaging and Paper Costs by Major Application
Figure 4-15 Foodservice Wrapping Paper Producers
Figure 3-4 Major Packaging Paper Applications and Shares 20 Figure 4-16 Foodservice Wrapping Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-5 Historic and Projected Growth Rates 22 Figure 4-17 Food Processing Paper Applications
Figure 3-6 Segment Demand Drivers and Reducers 23 Figure 4-18 Food Processing Paper Application Details
Figure 3-7 Estimated Volume and Growth Rate by Specific Application
Figure 4-19 Food Processing Paper Producers
Figure 3-8 Estimated Volume and Growth Rate by Key Market Segment
Figure 4-20 Food Processing Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-9 Major Application Sales and Projections 26 Figure 4-21 Packaging Tag Paper Applications
Figure 3-10 Major Application Volume by Paper Grade 27 Figure 4-22 Packaging Tag Paper Application Details
Figure 3-11 Paper Grade Sales and Projections 27 Figure 4-23 Packaging Tag Paper Producers
Figure 3-12 Major Application Volume by Fiber Type 28 Figure 4-24 Packaging Tag Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-13 Sales and Projections by Fiber Type 29 Figure 4-25 Single Ply Packaging Paper Applications
Figure 3-14 Major Application Volume by Paper Treatment 30 Figure 4-26 Single Ply Packaging Paper Producers
Figure 3-15 Paper Treatment Sales and Projections 31 Figure 4-27 Single Ply Packaging Paper Producers
Figure 3-16 Major Application Volume by End Use Product Category
Figure 4-28 Single Ply Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-17 Sales and Projections by End Use Category 33 Figure 4-29 Multi Ply Packaging Paper Applications
Figure 3-18 Major Application Volume by Print Type 34 Figure 4-30 Multi Ply Packaging Paper Application Details
Figure 3-19 Sales and Projections by Print Process 35 Figure 4-31 Multi Ply Packaging Paper Producers
Figure 3-20 Major Application Volume by Distribution Channel 36 Figure 4-32 Multi Ply Packaging Paper Segmentation
Figure 3-21 Sales and Projections by Distribution Channel 37 Figure 4-33 Label Face Stock Paper Applications
Figure 3-22 Sales and Projections by NA Region 37 Figure 4-34 Label Face Stock Paper Application Details
Figure 3-23 Average Paper Prices by Major Application Category
Figure 4-35 Label Paper / Treatment Types
Figure 3-24 Average Paper Pricing by Major Paper Grade 40 Figure 4-36 Label Face Stock Paper Producers
Figure 3-25 New Technologies in Development and Overall Assessment
Figure 4-37 Label Face Stock Paper Segmentation
Figure 4-1 Kraft Bag Paper Applications 45 Figure 4-38 Release Base Paper Applications
Figure 4-2 Kraft Bag Paper Application Details 46 Figure 4-39 Release Base Paper Application Details
Figure 4-3 Kraft Bag Paper Producers 47 Figure 4-40- Release Liner Paper Types and Applications
Figure 4-4 Kraft Bag Paper Applications 48 Figure 4-41 Release Base Paper Producers
Figure 4-5 Multiwall Bag Paper Applications 49 Figure 4-42 Release Base Paper Segmentation
Figure 4-6 Multiwall Bag Paper Application Details 50 Figure 5-1 Segment Size and Growth Rate Summary
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North American Packaging Paper Study and Opportunity Assessment
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