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Impact on Consumer Behavior in Europe: COVID-19 Survey Snapshot - Week 6

May 2020 | 16 pages | ID: I1A570A862BFEN

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Impact on Consumer Behavior in Europe: COVID-19 Survey Snapshot - Week 6


GlobalData is carrying out weekly consumer surveys in 11 countries between 25th March and 31st May 2020, to track consumer sentiment and shopping behavior during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. The sample size is 500 respondents per country, per week. The four countries in scope for Europe are Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the UK. Questions are consistent every week, and cover consumer opinions about COVID-19, buying behavior and product choices and impact of the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak on consumers' lifestyle and activities. This report summarizes the key findings from responses in week 6.
Key Highlights
  • General sentiment regarding the impact of COVID-19 in Italy is gradually becoming more positive. From week 1, the amount of Italians stating that they are ‘extremely concerned’ about the virus has dropped by 13%.
  • The results from the week 6 survey suggest that a significant portion of the Italian, German and Swedish market are all influenced by how responsible a product/service is. 32% of UK consumers also stated that they are ‘always’ or ‘often’ influenced by responsible products/services, which is a two percent increase from last week.
  • Compared to the remaining European source markets, Italy has a much stronger need for information, irrespective of its nature. For six out of the seven kinds of information that could be requested in this survey question, Italian consumers showed the strongest need for each of them, this result has stayed the same for the week 6 survey. Compared to the week 5 survey, the need for tips on personal health and wellbeing has decreased by three percent, whilst the need for news about initiatives being adopted by a brand remained the same. This may illustrate that Italian consumers may be beginning to look to the future and will start to judge companies on how they can operate to meet their changing needs in a post-COVID-19 environment. This provides tourism related companies that may want to target the Italian market with a new opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Companies such as ones operating in the lodging industry that come up with new - and newsworthy - initiatives around hygiene may see an uptick in occupancy rates from Italians in comparison to their competitors.
  • This report provides an insight into how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping consumer sentiment in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK.
  • It summarizes key findings from the survey ‘s responses and offers insight into how destinations and industry players can adapt to meet changing demands and needs.
  • Gain access to primary survey data results.
  • Understand how the coronavirus pandemic is changing consumer attitudes.
  • Assess how you can adapt your business plans and strategies to better meet these changing needs.
COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behavior —Europe Week
Italy and the UK remain the most worried about the impacts created by COVID-19
UK and German travelers may be the least receptive to health and wellness trips
UK and German travelers may be the least influenced by responsible trips, although there still is demand for responsible tourism in these nations
Italian consumers purchasing decisions are the most affected by external factors
Social media use has stayed at a relatively similar level compared to the previous week
There is a clear opportunity for video advertising to the Italian source market
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