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Exxon Mobil Corporation: Enterprise Tech Ecosystem Series

May 2020 | 18 pages | ID: EDEB70C7A8EFEN

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Exxon Mobil Corporation: Enterprise Tech Ecosystem Series


Exxon Mobil Corp (ExxonMobil), headquartered at US, is an integrated oil & gas company engaged in exploration, production, transportation and sale of crude oil and natural gas. The company operates through three business segments - Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical. It is also manufacturers commodity petrochemicals, including olefins, aromatics, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, and a variety of specialty products. ExxonMobil markets fuels and lubricants under four brands: Esso, Exxon, Mobil, and ExxonMobil Chemical. Since 2000, the company has invested more than $8 billion to develop lower-emission energy solutions. ExxonMobil is currently focused on developing biofuels, which will help cut emission of greenhouse gases. The company also develops and uses a range of next-generation technologies to help them responsibly meet the growing energy demands and high-quality chemical products.
ExxonMobil is adopting DevOps and agile methodologies along with cloud-ready solutions and APIs to collect and harness data insights for achieving its 2025 goal of doubling the company’s earnings to $31 billion from $14.4 billion as of 2019. The company is exploring ways to implement emerging technologies like blockchain and quantum computing.
The report provides information and insights into ExxonMobil's activities, including -
  • Insights of its digital transformation strategies and technology centers
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering strategic partnerships and producy launches
  • Insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts
  • ExxonMobil leverages advanced 3D seismic imaging technology to map subsurface geology and explore oil and gas deposits using sound waves. It uses advanced proprietary algorithms to automate recognition of patterns in rock properties of each geologic layer, scan seismic surveys, and identify hydrocarbon indicators using advanced imaging properties.
  • ExxonMobil uses sensors to collect real time data, which is analyzed by specialized analytics solutions to make informed decisions. For example, ExxonMobil transformed its traditional oil fields into connected oil fields with numerous sensors that can deliver real-time data like flow and pressure rates from wells that can be used by engineers and researchers from remote locations to make faster and well informed decisions for drilling optimization, well completions, deployment of resources and increase overall productivity and production.
  • ExxonMobil has invested in 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Syst?mes to help engineers, operations, and maintenance personnel etc. collaborate in real time in a unified digital environment and gain access to all the data aggregated on their complex assets from a single source of information, thus helping them control and improve performance of process, resources, and projects.
  • Gain insights into ExxonMobil's operations.
  • Gain insights into its digital strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Gain insights into its technology themes under focus.
  • Gain insights into various partnerships of ExxonMobil.
Digital Transformation Strategy
R&D Centers, Innovation Hubs, and AcceleratorsTechnology Focus
Technology Initiatives
Partner Network Map
ICT Budget & Contracts
Key Executives


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Louisiana Economic Development (LED)
EON Reality
L&T Technology Service (LTTS)
Reliance Industries
Licensing LLC
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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