Egypt Defence and Security Report Q1 2015

Date: November 12, 2014
Pages: 75
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BMI View: At the end of 2014, security issues for Egypt both at the domestic and regional level continue to be of major concern. The BMI view is that Egypt's violent crack on all forms of political opposition risks pushing more and more young people - a key segment of the population - towards adopting extremist views in the long term. As the military seeks to continue strengthening its grip on power, we are expecting defence spending to increase both in absolute and relative terms in 2015.

Demonstrations amongst Egyptian youths continue in the Nile Delta, which we suspect has the potential to be the Achilles heel of the al-Sisi's regime. The collective punishment of entire communities in the Sinai also places the army at risk of losing the battle of hearts and minds against extremism. Furthermore, the cancellation of the talks with Hamas for a long term ceasefire with Israel does not bode well for lasting stability on Egypt's eastern frontier.
BMI Industry View
SWOT Analysis
Egypt Defence SWOT
Egypt Security SWOT
Business Environment
Industry Forecast
Defence Expenditure
  Table: Defence Expenditure (Egypt 2011-2018)
Armed Forces
  Table: Armed Forces Personnel (Egypt 2004-2011)
  Table: Manpower Available For Military Service (Egypt 2011-2018)
  Table: Defence Imports (Egypt 2011-2018)
Macroeconomic Forecasts
Investment To Drive Uptick In Growth
Expenditure Breakdown
  Table: GDP By Expenditure (Egypt 2011-2018)
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Middle East And Africa Security Risk Index
  Table: Middle East And Africa Regional Security Risk Index
  Table: Middle East And Africa State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index
Egypt Security Risk Index
Market Overview
Egypt Defence Market Overview
Armed Forces
International Deployments
  Table: Egypt's Foreign Deployments
Domestic Defence Industries
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Arms Trade Overview
Egypt Security Overview
Domestic Threats
Regional Threats
International Threats
Company Profile
General Dynamics
General Electric
Raytheon (Egypt)
Ashmand International
Regional overview
Middle East And North Africa Security Overview
Challenges And Threats To Stability And Security
Regional Power Dynamics
Nuclear Proliferation
External Powers
Global industry overview
Political Risk Analysis
Industry Forecast Methodology
Sector-Specific Methodology
Security Risk Index Methodology
  Table: Indicators And Weighting
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Egypt Defence and Security Report Q1 2015
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