Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID), Second Edition

Date: April 22, 2011
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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID), Second Edition

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) together represent a means of direct communication between connection hardware and the object that needs monitoring: the information about its status of performance is directly sent to a computer system without the need for human intervention. This makes automation of processes or consumer action possible.

The technology that utilized originates largely in the manufacturing and industrial processes industry, where physical assets networking have been done for decades. The goal of M2M-RFID is exactly as of a plant-floor automation systems or remote-monitoring solutions: it evolves getting information from sensors in a device and transmitting it to an IT network.

This report evaluates the working aspects of M2M along with the details of RFID, provides deep insights into telecommunication technologies, reviews the latest developments within M2M, and provides further analysis through in-depth case study examples. The report includes a listing of M&A activity.

The report includes:
  • M2M Standards for RFID
  • Security issues for M2M RFID
  • Explanation of Risk & Security Analysis
  • An evaluation of the available Technologies and its Products
  • An overview of the applications of RFID
  • Evaluation of RFID application in Healthcare, Defense, etc
  • Information about M2M Companies and Takeovers
  • A detailed explanation and evaluation techniques of Fault Analysis
  • A brief evaluation of an M2M Telecom Company
  • Assessment of technology used in many real life case studies
  • Future and Roadmap of M2M with special focus on RFID
  • RFID Company analysis in Europe, Asia and United States

Additional material with the Second Edition of this report includes:
  • M2M in Healthcare
  • Additional Case Studies
  • Smart Homes and Smart Metering
  • Roadmap of M2M with special focus on RFID Beyond 2012
  • M2M advances including a focus on 4G, Micro, Pico, and Femto
  • RFID Company analysis in Europe, Asia and United States

  • This is a must-have resource for anyone engaged in business or technology planning and engineering involving M2M
  • Investors, analysts, and consultants in the M2M industry will find that this report provides all they need to know about M2M
  • RFID hardware, software, and solution vendors and related professional services companies
  • Managed services providers, outsourced RFID solutions and application providers, and RFID service bureau operators
  • Personnel responsible for automating Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other business processes
  • Healthcare management personnel responsible for tracking patients, staff personnel, equipment, inventory, and other critical resources
  • Retailers and personnel responsible for merchandise inventory and ordering processes, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Merchandise tracking and fraud prevention
  • Providers of value-added applications and services such as metering, telemetry, telematics, and sensor applications, inventory control and tracking such as merchandise control, asset tracking and recovery such as computing equipment monitoring, tracking parts moving through a manufacturing process, tracking goods in a supply chain, and payment systems
  • RFID and/or M2M Hardware Manufacturing companies
  • Companies interested in optimizing their RFID and/or M2M business process strategies
  • Venture Capitalist and Startup companies interested in funding RFID and/or M2M companies
M2M Evolution
RFID in a Nutshell
M2M - Telecommunications
Wireless Service Technology and Protocols
The Technologies
GPRS (General Purpose Radio Service)
iDEN Packet
Advantages of SMS
Interactive Two-Way
Simultaneous Transmission with Voice
Confirmation of Delivery
Store and Forward Method
Use Of Phone Number As The Address
High Degree of Encryption
Transmission At Higher Power Than The Voice Channel
Analog Control Channel
Wireless Technology Recommendation for M2M
iDEN Packet
Technology Strategy of M2M
Hardware Budget
Scope of Deployment-Domestic or International
Ease of Creating the Application
Wireless Service Options
Wireless Access Costs
Further Technology Considerations
Back-end Server Technology
Gateway to Wireless Carrier or Service Provider
Delivery of SMS to the Internet
Applications of M2M
RFID - A Brief Outlook
Types of RFID Systems
Types of Tags
Passive Tags
Semi Passive RFID Tags
Active RFID Tags
Active Tags with Sensors/GPS
Application Field
Difference between Active and Passive RFID
RFID Comparison Matrix
M2M Standards for RFID
Standardization Organizations and Processes
Basic Organizations
Standard development organizations
Commercial organization
Standardization Business Models
Standardization of the Radio Frequency Spectrum
Low Frequency Band
Short Wave Band
High Frequency Band
UHF Band
Microwave Frequency Band 2.45 GHz
Radar& HIPERLAN Frequency Band
Standards and Inter-Operability Issues
Recent Trends and Issues
Company Takeovers
Security Issues
Types of Attacks
Spoofing Attacks
Replay Attack
Flood Attack
Un-authorized Tag Data Manipulation
Middleware Issues
Backend Database Corruption
Blended Attacks
Man in the Middle Attack
Fraud at Chip Level
M2M Risk and Security Management
M2M Risk Analysis
System Security & System Policies
Risk & Attack Management
M2M RFID Applications
M2M RFID in Healthcare
RFID on Humans
Other Applications
Advanced M2M Applications
M2M Monitoring - Passport
M2M - Smart Appliances
M2M in Personalization
M2M RFID Next Generation
Tomorrows RFID Technology
System Technology
RFID Deployment Fault Analysis
Basics of RFID Deployment Monitoring Principles
Efficiency Monitoring
Tag Read Error
Standard Monitoring Procedure
Cellular Architecture & Telecommunications
Technology in use.
Zeppelin Based Communication Backbone
Product Analysis
M2M - Latest Commercial Applications
Remote Healthcare
Smart Homes
Application Model
Application Segments
Limitations and Current Bottlenecks
Smart Metering
Worldwide Implementation Status
United Kingdom
United States
M2M - Most Success Applications in Public Sector
Electronic Money
First Implementation
Second Major Implementation
Third Notable Implementation
Mobile Banking & Secured ATM
From remote banking to Virtual Branch
m-Banking scenarios
ATM Banking & NFC
M-banking via USSD/SMS
m-banking Anti fraud products
M2M Company Analysis
Product and Services
Mobile Solutions
Key Features & Benefits:
Elephant Talk M2M Value Proposition
Key Features & Benefits:
Two Stage Dialing
Key Features & Benefits:
Additional Services and Offerings
Research & Development and Engineering
Quality Assurance
M2M Case Studies
RFID Implementation at Rittal
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
Asset Tracking at US Air Force Base
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
RFID at the Department of Energy - US
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
Item Tracking at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
Mississippi Blood Services Banks on RFID
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
RFID implementation at Special Olympics, US
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
Vehicular Collision Prevention at Australian Mine
  Client Details
  Solution Provider
RFID in Fashion
  Client Details
German Publisher Adoption of RFID
  Solution Provider
RTLS adoption in Memorial Hospital Miramar
Working Principle
Automation in Hospital Process - Brazil
Patient Care System - Pantai Hospital Malaysia
Environment Sensing and Tracking
The Development Methodology
The Future Step
Tracking and Monitoring Application - Foster School of Medicine
Working Principle
Patient Tracking System - Disney Family Cancer Center
Achieving the reality
Equipment Monitoring and Utility Management - Mission Hospital
Palette Tracking in Japan
  Solution Provider
Future & Roadmap
M2M adoption with time
Pre 2000 Segment
2000 - Mobile and telecommunication
2003 - Inventory monitoring and tracking
2005 - Healthcare and medical
2007 - Defense and homeland security
2010 And beyond
Growth Factors of M2M from 2010
M2M Wireless and Consumer Products
Asset Tracking and other M2M RFID Applications
M2M - Adoptions and Emergence after 2011
M2M - 2012 and Beyond
M2M & RFID Company Analysis
RFID Companies in Europe
RFID Companies in Asia/Asia Pacific
RFID Companies in the United States of America


Figure 1. M2M and its components
Figure 2. M2M and Telecommunication components
Figure 3. Schematic of Field Deployed Unit
Figure 4. Functional Segments of an Interface Board
Figure 5. Block Diagram of a Processor Module
Figure 6. Components of the Architecture
Figure 7. Wireless Service Protocols for Telecommunication
Figure 8. Technology Perspective
Figure 9. Standards and their components
Figure 10. Standards vs Bearers comparison
Figure 11. Advantages of 3G
Figure 12. Advantages of SMS
Figure 13. Technology Strategy of M2M
Figure 14. Typical M2M server integration to a 3G Network
Figure 15. Back-end Server Functions
Figure 16. Frequency Bands
Figure 17. Advanced M2M Application Schematic
Figure 18. Schematic of a Smart Device
Figure 19. A schematic of the Smart Refrigerator
Figure 21. Mobile Solutions
Figure 22. M2M solution components
Figure 23. M2M Application Examples
Figure 24. Location Based Service
Figure 25. Additional Services
Figure 26. Growth of M2M
Figure 27. M2M and Telecommunications
Figure 28. Stats and Components
Figure 29. M2M Wireless and Consumer Products


Table 1. Applications of M2M
Table 2. Differences between RFID Types.
Table 3. RFID Comparison Matrix.
Table 4. - Zeppelin Based Communication Backbone.
Table 5. - Cost Analysis.
Table 6. Growth Prediction Table.
Table 7. M2M - 2010 and Beyond
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