The Global Market for Automotive Superchargers & Turbochargers

Date: August 23, 2007
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The Global Market for Automotive Superchargers & Turbochargers
In the two years since the previous edition of this report, the use of pressure charging techniques has continued to increase and the number of applications has grown. Pressure charging - increasing the pressure of the air flow entering the combustion chamber - is a technology for improving engine output, both power and torque.

The world-wide market for automotive turbochargers continues to increase – a trend that reflects the ability of turbochargers to improve both thermal efficiency and engine specific output, providing engineers with a choice between improved performance or improved economy, the latter achieved not only by virtue of better thermal efficiency but also of engine downsizing, leading to vehicle weight reduction.

It will remain open to engineers and product planners to decide which aspect they wish to exploit, but in either case another effect will be a reduction in noxious exhaust emissions.

More specifically, the main growth drivers for the turbocharger market include:
  • A substantial growth in the demand for light-duty turbochargers world-wide, but especially in Western Europe and in mainland Asia (China and India);
  • Stricter exhaust emission regulations world-wide;
  • A trend towards restricted vehicle CO2 emissions world-wide;
  • Further improvements in turbocharger technology, making it even more attractive to vehicle engineers.

This third edition report reviews the key market drivers for turbochargers and superchargers for both the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, providing some forward-looking analysis through 2014.

Chapter two examines current technology drivers and the innovations which have been recently introduced.

Chapter three analyses product trends and fitment levels for turbochargers and superchargers in passenger cars in each major vehicle producing region through 2014. It also assigns market shares to the main turbocharger producers serving carmakers in each world regional market.

Chapter four provides brief profiles of the major manufacturers of turbochargers, namely BorgWarner, Holset, Honeywell Turbo Technologies, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, plus an overview of the largest manufacturer of mechanical superchargers, Eaton.


Pressure-charging growth
Report coverage


2.1 Basic principles
  2.1.1 Operating constraints
2.2 Turbocharging
  2.2.1 Advanced turbocharger technologies
2.3 Mechanical supercharging
  2.3.1 VW’s combination arrangement
2.4 Electric or hydraulic supercharger drives


3.1 The light-duty sector
  Light-duty demand rising steadily
3.2 The light duty sector - area by area
  3.2.1 NAFTA
  3.2.2 Western Europe
  3.2.3 Japan
  3.2.4 South Korea
  3.2.5 Asia (other)
  3.2.6 Eastern Europe
  3.2.7 Mercosur
  3.2.8 Rest of World
3.3 The heavy duty sector
  3.3.1 Steadily rising markets
  3.3.1 Diesels always preferred …
  3.3.2 Forecast declines


A small number of well established operators …

4.1 BorgWarner
4.2 Cummins Turbo Technologies (Holset)
4.3 Eaton
4.4 Honeywell Turbo Technologies (Garrett)
4.5 IHI (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries)
4.6 MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)


Table 2.3: Mechanical supercharger market, by area (thousands)
Table 3.1.1: Total Light Duty Vehicle (cars, light trucks and LCVs) Production by area (000s)
Table 3.1.2: Diesel market shares (assumed turbodiesel): Cars, light trucks and LCVs
Table 3.1.3: Turbocharged SI market shares
Table 3.1.4: Turbocharger market: light duty units (000s)
Table 3.3.1: Total heavy duty vehicle (truck) production by area (000s)
Table 3.3.2: Total heavy duty vehicle (bus and coach) production by area (000s)
Table 3.3.3: Turbodiesel market share, heavy-duty vehicles
Table 3.3.4: Turbocharger market, heavy-duty vehicles, by area (000s)
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The Global Market for Automotive Superchargers & Turbochargers
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