Kuwait Oil and Gas Report Q1 2016

Date: January 6, 2016
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BMI View: Kuwait has made progress on key oil and gas projects that have previously been stalled, namely a major investment push targeting the downstream sector, but we maintain the country will fall short of ambitious production targets for both oil and gas. In addition to political and regulatory risks, Kuwait's oil sector also faces structural challenges from a surplus in both OPEC and non-OPEC supplies, and this will further weigh on the long-term production outlook.

Latest Updates and Key Forecasts:
  • Kuwait has maintained ambitious production targets for both oil and gas. In order to address an increasing gap between supply and demand, Kuwait hopes to increase domestic output to more than 20bcm by 2020. Officials have also said they plan to raise oil production capacity to 4mn b/d by 2020 from around 3.2mn b/d currently. However, although Kuwait is thought to possess untapped hydrocarbons potential, political and regulatory disputes have prevented progress on upstream investment, and we expected the country to fall short of stated production targets for both oil and gas.
  • Plans to raise output will also be affected by the global supply-demand balance. OPEC producers have focused on maintaining high levels of output to protect market share and undercut high cost production from outside the bloc, though this has led a sharp decline in global oil prices, which are likely to remain suppressed as Iranian volumes return to market over 2015. These dynamics will further weigh on Kuwait's plans to raise production capacity.
BMI Industry View
    Table: Headline Forecasts (Kuwait 2013-2019)
Oil & Gas SWOT
Industry Forecast
Upstream Exploration
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
Unconventional Upside
    Table: Proven Oil and Gas Reserves (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Proven Oil and Gas Reserves (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Upstream Projects
    Table: Kuwait - Key Upstream Projects
Upstream Production - Oil
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Oil Production (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Oil Production (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Upstream Production - Gas
Latest Updates
    Table: Gas Production (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Gas Production (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Refined Fuels Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Refined Products Consumption* (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Refined Products Consumption* (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Gas Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Gas Consumption (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Gas Consumption (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Trade - Oil
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (Kuwait 2013-2019)
    Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (Kuwait 2019-2024)
    Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (Kuwait 2019-2024)
    Table: Total Net Oil Exports - Crude and Products (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Total Net Oil Exports - Crude and Products (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Trade - Gas (Pipeline and LNG)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
    Table: Kuwait LNG Infrastructure
    Table: Gas Net Exports (Kuwait 2013-2018)
    Table: Gas Net Exports (Kuwait 2019-2024)
Industry Risk Reward Ratings
Middle East Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
    Table: BMI's Middle East Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index (RRI)
Index Resilient In Lower Price Environment
    Table: Middle East Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
Limited Opportunities Downstream
    Table: Middle East Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
Kuwait - Risk/Reward Index
Kuwait Upstream Index
Kuwait Downstream Index
Market Overview
Kuwait Energy Market Overview
Regulatory Structure
Fiscal Terms
    Table: Kuwait - Upstream Tax Regime
    Table: Kuwait - Contracts & Licensing Regime
Oil And Gas Infrastructure
Oil Refineries
    Table: Oil Refineries In Kuwait
Oil Storage Facilities
    Table: Kuwait - Oil Terminals & POrts
LNG Terminals
    Table: Kuwait - Existing and Planned LNG Infrastructure
Gas Storage Terminals
    Table: Kuwait - Gas Storage Terminals
Gas Pipelines
    Table: Kuwait - Gas Pipelines
Crude Oil Pipelines
    Table: Kuwait - Crude Oil Pipelines
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape Summary
    Table: Key Kuwaiti Oil & Gas Sector Players
Company Profile
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
Other Summaries
Regional Overview
Middle East Oil & Gas Regional Overview
Oil Production: Expansion Projects March On
Oil Consumption: Subsidies Hide Weaker Price Impact, But Push Demand Growth
Refining Capacity: Mega Refineries Outcompete In Oversupplied Market
Gas Production: In Needed Of More Gas
Gas Consumption: Switch To Gas Power Will Boost Demand
    Table: Middle East Oil & Gas Production, Refining Capacity & Trade
    Table: Glossary Of Terms
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
    Table: Bmi's Oil & Gas Upstream Risk/Reward Index
    Table: Weighting
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