France Oil and Gas Report Q3 2016

Date: June 1, 2016
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BMI View: The overall level of investment in exploration and production in France remains weak and this trend is unlikely to alter significantly without an end to political opposition to exploration of shale oil and gas resources. Plans to begin production of gas from coal bed methane by 2017 could provide a muchneeded boost to domestic output, but uncertainty over the project continues. Though downstream margins have benefited from cheaper oil prices, the long-term outlook for the refining sector in France, and in Europe more widely, remains largely pessimistic.

Latest Updates and Key Forecasts
  • Political disputes continue to hold back exploration of shale gas and oil, which estimates suggest exist in sufficient amounts in France to have a material impact on the weak existing outlook for reserves. Modest, but notable, investment continues toward development of France's coal-bed methane deposits, but technical and regulatory uncertainty persists, preventing any revision of our forecasts on the back of activity for now.
  • Downstream capacity and production will continue to fall with the 160,000b/d La Mede refinery set to be converted to a biofuels plant from 2017. Further refinery closures are likely as the European market continues to realign to competitive pressure and falling demand. Refiners will need to further specialise to remain competitive and to adapt to the changing conditions in the European refined fuels market.
  • Energy efficiency gains, a stagnant vehicle fleet and low GDP growth underpin our forecast for continued decline in refined fuels consumption. Demand for key fuels, such as diesel, has failed to recover despite lower prices, signalling a long trend towards lower consumption.
  • Strong decreases in refining capacity and refining utilisation rates have seen, and will continue to see, falling crude oil net import requirements over the forecast period. France will remain dependent upon imports of diesel, jet fuel and other products to meet domestic demand as structural imbalances persist. The fuels trade faces increased competition from rival producers in the US and elsewhere.
BMI Industry View
  Table: Headline Forecasts (France 2014-2020)
Oil & Gas SWOT
Industry Forecast
Upstream Exploration
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
Upstream Production - Oil
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Oil Production (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Oil Production (France 2020-2025)
Upstream Production - Gas
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Gas Production (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Gas Production (France 2020-2025)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (France 2020-2025)
Refined Fuels Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refined Products Consumption (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Refined Products Consumption (France 2020-2025)
Gas Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Gas Consumption (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Gas Consumption (France 2020-2025)
Trade - Oil
Crude Oil Trade Forecasts
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (France 2014-2020)
  Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (France 2020-2025)
Refined Fuels Trade Forecast
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (France 2020-2025)
Trade - Gas (Pipeline and LNG)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Gas Net Exports (France 2014-2019)
  Table: Gas Net Exports (France 2020-2025)
Industry Risk Reward Index
France - Risk/Reward Index
France Upstream Index - Overview
France Upstream Index - Rewards
France Upstream Index - Risks
France Downstream Index - Overview
France Downstream Index - Rewards
France Downstream Index - Risks
North America And Western Europe Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  Table: North America & Western Europe Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
Upstream Rankings: North America To Maintain The Lead
North America: US Unconventional Production Leads Decline
Western Europe Languishes In Maturing Assets
  Table: North America & Western Europe Upstream Risk/Reward Index, out of 100
Downstream Rankings: US Widens Its Lead
  Table: North America & Western Europe Downstream Risk/Reward Index
Market Overview
France Energy Market Overview
Regulatory Structure
Main Fiscal & Licensing Terms
  Table: France Fiscal, Licensing Regime
Oil & Gas Infrastructure
Oil Refineries
  Table: France Oil Refineries
Oil Storage Facilities
Oil Terminals & Ports
LNG Terminals
  Table: France LNG Terminals
Gas Storage Terminals
Gas Pipelines
Latest Gas Pipeline Developments
Crude Oil Pipelines
Refined Products Pipelines
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape Summary
  Table: Key Downstream Players
Company Profile
Company Overview
Latest Company Updates
  Table: Major Downstream Assets in France
  Table: Key Financial Data (USDmn)
Company Overview
Latest Company Updates
  Table: Key Financial Data (USDmn)
Regional Overview
North America And Western Europe Oil And Gas Regional Overview
  Table: North America - Key Regional Indicators, 2014-2025
  Table: Western Europe - Key Regional Indicators, 2014-2025
  Table: Glossary Of Terms
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  Table: Bmi's Oil & Gas Upstream Risk/Reward Index
  Table: Weighting
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