Bahrain Oil and Gas Report Q1 2016

Date: December 16, 2015
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BMI View: Despite limited success in boosting oil and gas production from the Bahrain field, the key development for the country will be the refining capacity expansion at the kingdom's centrepiece Sitra refinery. However, delays to the expansion will result in a continuation of fuel export declines and a widening of the country's fiscal deficit until 2020. This marks a two-year delay to our previous forecast which saw increasing fuel exports from 2018. We highlight the following trends and developments in Bahrain's oil and gas sector:

Redevelopment work (new wells, enhanced oil recovery and improved oil recovery) undertaken at the Bahrain field are boosting oil production at the mature field. While we expect some success, the low permeability of the heavy oil reservoirs, among other issues, have led us to anticipate delays. We have not yet included all volumes projected by the project.
BMI Industry View
  Table: Headline Forecasts (Bahrain 2013-2019)
Oil & Gas SWOT
Industry Forecast
Upstream Exploration
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Proven Oil and Gas Reserves (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Proven Oil and Gas Reserves (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Upstream Production - Oil
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Oil Production (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Oil Production (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Upstream Production - Gas
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Gas Production (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Gas Production (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Refining Capacity and Refined Products Production (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Refined Fuels Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refined Products Consumption* (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Refined Products Consumption* (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Gas Consumption
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Gas Consumption (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Gas Consumption (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Trade - Oil
Crude Oil
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Crude Oil Net Exports (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Refined Fuels
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
  Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (Bahrain 2013-2018)
  Table: Refined Fuels Net Exports (Bahrain 2019-2024)
Trade - Gas (Pipeline And LNG)
Latest Updates
Structural Trends
Industry Risk Reward Index
Middle East Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  Table: BMI's Middle East Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index (RRI)
Index Resilient In Lower Price Environment
  Table: Middle East Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
Limited Opportunities Downstream
  Table: Middle East Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
Bahrain - Risk/Reward Index
Market Overview
Bahrain Energy Market Overview
Regulatory Structure
Fiscal Regime
Licensing Regime
  Table: Bahrain Licensing Regime
Oil And Gas Infrastructure
Oil Refineries
  Table: Refineries In Bahrain
Oil Storage Facilities
Service Stations
Oil Pipelines
Gas Pipelines
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape Summary
  Table: Key Domestic And Foreign Companies In The Bahrain Oil & Gas Sector
  Table: Key Upstream Players
  Table: Key Downstream Players
Company Profile
Bahrain National Gas Company
Bahrain Petroleum Company
Chevron Bahrain
Occidental Petroleum
Other Summaries
Regional Overview
Middle East Oil & Gas Regional Overview
Oil Production: Expansion Projects March On
Oil Consumption: Subsidies Hide Weaker Price Impact, But Push Demand Growth
Refining Capacity: Mega Refineries Outcompete In Oversupplied Market
Gas Production: In Needed Of More Gas
Gas Consumption: Switch To Gas Power Will Boost Demand
  Table: Middle East Oil & Gas Production, Refining Capacity & Trade
  Table: Glossary Of Terms
Industry Forecast Methodology
Risk/Reward Index Methodology
  Table: Bmi's Oil & Gas Upstream Risk/Reward Index
  Table: Weighting
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Bahrain Oil and Gas Report Q1 2016
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