Construction Chemicals Market In Poland 2013

Date: December 1, 2012
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Construction Chemicals Market In Poland 2013
Which are the top-selling construction chemicals in Poland?

Market study surveys 400 corporate consumers on preferences, purchasing and trends to 2015.

Consumer trends, contractor applications and recognizable brand names from trusted manufacturers are essential components of the construction chemicals industry. In Poland, producers of tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulations systems, thic-coat plasters, floors creeds need to stay current on these issues and others in order to stay on top of the market.

That’s why PMR has published Construction chemicals market in Poland 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 a complete source of business information and market intelligence that provides analysis of the trends currently affecting the market, innovative uses of products within the five categories specified above, and the degree of loyalty contractors hold toward the major companies and brand names of products used on a daily basis.

Each product category occupies a separate chapter in this updated document, in which data, analysis and market forecasts are provided, as well as information on the specific products gathered in an expanded consumer survey of 400 small and medium construction companies. Each chapter profiles the leading producers in that market segment and presents specific forecasts, which are especially helpful in estimating product demand, market share and investment and earnings potential.

The survey conducted by PMR specifically for use in this report also yielded a wealth of consumer data reflecting brand awareness for products in each of the major segments: tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulations systems, thic-coat plasters, floors creeds presented as preference rankings of top names such as: Atlas, Baumit, Henkel, Sopro, Knauf, Kreisel, Mapei, Saint Gobain, and Selena. Consumers also provide valuable feedback on topics such as the quantity and frequency with which they purchase construction chemicals, qualities by which they evaluate product performance and processes by which they choose a product for a particular task and the outlet where they make most of their purchases.

This document also supplies market value data in m², thousand tons and PLN millions for each product category, analysis of the distribution network for construction chemicals in Poland and pricing trends throughout the country. It offers an original and insightful analysis of construction chemical consumption in terms of project location – rural use as opposed to urban, and type of building and/or project – in terms of new construction as opposed to renovation and remodeling. It examines the portion of construction chemicals that enter the market as ready-made solutions as opposed to those which contractors prepare on site and at their own expense, and includes an economic index exclusive to this market, for this report.

Construction chemicals market in Poland 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 is a well rounded resource conducive to successful business operations such as: competition assessment, investment analysis, and creating sales, marketing and production strategies for the years ahead.
Executive summary
Adhesives for ceramic tiles and other types of cladding
Masonry mortar
Thermal insulation systems
Floor screed
Market structure
Purchasing trends
Traditional thick-coat plaster
Cross-case analysis of the survey by product groups
Development forecasts for 2013-2015
Competitive environment of the construction chemicals market
List of graphs
List of tables
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Construction Chemicals Market In Poland 2013
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