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Date: November 15, 2012
Pages: 29
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Herbicides China News 1211 (12 issues per year)
Editor Notes

The peak season of Chinese herbicide market has come since Oct. 2012. From Oct. 2012, herbicide supply appears tense, such as diquat and paraquat, and prices of relevant products keep going up. Furthermore, it is obvious that Chinese herbicide export volume increases by a wide margin. In Sept. 2012, the export volume of herbicides increased by 66.2% year on year and the total export volume of herbicides in the first three quarters increased by 21.2% year on year. Although domestic herbicide market is prosperous, some products still witness slack situation, such as diuron whose price keeps descending all the year around.

It’s observed that some pesticide manufacturers put effort into technological transformation for the efficiency improvement. In this issue, Herbicides China News reported Lier Chemical’s glufosinate-ammonium technical technological transformation and technological transformation of a series of pesticide technical in Jiangsu Huifeng. This change is remarkable and good undoubtedly for the development of the whole industry.


Lier Chemical achieved a good operating performance in Q3 2012.

In a move to push Lier Chemical's glufosinate-ammonium technical technological transformation project and pyridine pesticide waste water comprehensive treatment project, the government gives support to the company with a subsidy.

Jiangsu Kuaida's intermediate production lines are in process, among which 5,000t/a benzoyl chloride and 300t/a quinclorac got approval in project completion check.

Sanonda plans to liquidate its subsidiary Sanonda Tianmen and make Sanonda Jingzhou as its wholly controlled subsidiary by acquiring 10% equity interests.

Jiangsu Huifeng's technological transformation project of pesticide technical with 12,900t/a capacity in total has been completed in Oct. 2012.

Clodinafop-propargyl draws more and more manufacturers' interest in China that the number of clodinafop-propargyl registrations meets a stunning increase in 2012.

Diuron price continually slips in Oct. 2012.

Paraquat price keeps ascent in Oct. 2012.

The export of clopyralid technical in Jan.-Aug. 2012 witnessed a stunning growth over the same period of last year.

About 90.0% cyhalofop-butyl technical in China was exported to Indonesia during Jan. and Aug. 2012.

Jiangsu CF plans to build 10,000t/a 2,4-D acid technical, 8,500t/a 2,4-D derivative products, 1,000t/a MCPA technical, 1,000t/a MCPA-Sodium AS and 300t/a trifluralin EC.

Jiangsu Lianhe launches 300t/a carfentrazone-ethyl production in Oct. 2012.

Diquat meets tense supply in Q3 2012 due to the overwhelming demand and small manufacture scale.

Atrazine meets tense supply in Oct. 2012.
Stable growth in Lier Chemical in Q3 2012
Lier Chemical gets govermental support
Jiangsu Kuaida enhances intermeidate capacities
Significant asset reorganization in Sanonda in progress
Jiangsu Huifeng completes technological transformation project
Clodinafop-propargyl draws interest in China
Diuron price continually slips in Oct.
Paraquat price keeps ascent in Oct.
Clopyralid TC export volume grows in Jan.-Aug. 2012
Indonesia, the biggest cyhalofop-butyl export destination in China
Jiangsu CF enhances 2,4-D and MCPA production
Jiangsu Lianhe launches 300t/a carfentrazone-ethyl production
Diquat supply appears short in Q3 2012
Atrazine meets tense supply in Oct.
Price Review in Nov. 2012


Lier Chemical
Jiangsu Kuaida
Jiangsu Huifeng
Jiangsu CF
Jiangsu Lianhe
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