Carbon Market in India 2010

Date: May 22, 2010
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Carbon Market in India 2010
Increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased the global average temperature (150C) leading to global warming. To fight this global warming, Kyoto Protocol was formed under the UNFCCC. It coined three mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is well accepted in India and is expected to drive the Indian carbon market. The Carbon Market in India is expected to generate 573 mn Certified Emission Reduction (CER) or Carbon Credit by the year 2012 and will grow rapidly in the future based on CDM projects as the demand for CER’s will increase form Annex 1 countries.

The report begins with an introduction to global warming and its effect on our environment. This is followed by an overview of the initiatives being taken to fight climate change like Kyoto Protocol through various mechanisms and other Voluntary Emission Reduction schemes.

It further discusses the global carbon market and provides the market size and growth. It also introduces Kyoto Mechanism globally i.e. Joint Implementation Mechanism (JI), CDM initiatives and International Emission Trading (IET) indicating some especially dedicated environmental trading exchanges around the world. Report also discusses the carbon market in India including the various CDM projects, its approval process from National CDM Authority and International Emission Trading (IET). This is followed by an introduction to the Indian trading exchange where Carbon Credit is traded, namely Multi Commodity Exchange and National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange.

The report also includes profiles of both Indian and foreign consultants (based on their Registered Projects) actively involved in the CDM projects in India. The section contains a snapshot of their services provided, ktCO2e issued by 2010 and 2020, investments, power generation installed in MW by 2012 and a list of the countries who have bought CER’s through these consultants. The report concludes with the steps discussed during the Copenhagen Accord that are expected to be implemented after the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.
Page 1: Executive Summary


Page 2: Global warming - Cause, outcome, and possible effects


Page 3-5: Kyoto Protocol - Objective, member countries and emission targets for various countries
Page 6: Emission reduction mechanisms - Joint Implementation, Clean Development Mechanism, International Emission Trading
Page 7: Voluntary emission reduction mechanism (Market Size and Growth, 2008-2020e)


Page 8: Global carbon market - Market size and growth (2008-2010e)
Page 9: Joint Implementation - Segmentation by type of project and by country
Page 10: Clean Development Mechanism - Number of projects, kCER’s issued and growth in volumes of CER (2010-2012)
Page 11: Registration process of CDM project
Page 12: Major dedicated climate exchanges for trading in the world


Page 13: Clean Development Mechanism in India - Number of projects, kCER’s issued and growth in volumes of CER (2010-2012), Segmentation of projects by type and state
Page 14: Regulatory Body involved in approval of CDM projects in India
Page 15: Process of Carbon Trading in India
Page 16-17: Carbon Trading in MCX and NCDEX: Commodity price trend
Page 18-23: Indian carbon consulting firm for Indian CDM projects – Overview, number of projects, installed capacity, credit buyer, ktCO2 (2012 and 2020)
Page 24: Sector-wise projects for Indian consultants
Page 25-30: Foreign carbon consulting firm for Indian CDM Projects - Overview, number of projects, installed capacity, credit buyer, ktCO2 (2012 and 2020)
Page 31: Sector-wise projects for foreign consultants


Page 32: Steps discussed in Copenhagen regarding emission reduction beyond 2012


Page 33-43: Other Indian Consultants (including Indian corporate consulting their own CDM projects) - Overview, number of projects, installed capacity, credit buyer, ktCO2 (2012 and 2020)
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Carbon Market in India 2010
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